Biden Is Lying About Georgia Election Laws

All during his campaign for President, Joe Biden kept promising to bring the nation together – to be unifier-in-chief.  He has not only fallen short of that ambition, he has proven himself to be a strident left-wing authoritarian ideologue.  What he does is so far removed from what he says that Biden is turning out to be a despicable divisive fraud.

Whew!  That is pretty harsh.  But one only need look at the record of what he said on the hustings and what he says and does now.  He has flipped on packing the court, ending the filibuster and reaching out to the other side.

In pursuit of more power for him and the Democratic Party, Biden is – with malice aforethought – promoting racial hostilities where they do not exist.  Election reform is one issue where Biden and Democrats play the racial card.

While 47 of America’s 50 states are considering how they wish to conduct and protect elections, Biden is using the power of his office to brandish the bloody sword of racism.  In doing that, he is inappropriately and dishonestly resurrecting one of the most highly charged and fearsome racist terms of the past  – with the exception of the word “lynching.” 

Biden is repeatedly smearing all the election reforms being enacted across the nation – or even being considered – as “Jim Crow.”  It is a reference to all those highly prejudicial laws that his Democratic Party passed in the old south to keep Blacks from voting … to keep Blacks socially outcast … to “keep them in their place,” as Democrat leaders of yore proudly proclaimed.

Biden uses the terms particularly in connection with the election reform laws recently enacted in Georgia – a state in which people can remember the horror of “Jim Crow.”

Nothing in the new Georgia election laws is even remotely relatable to the old Jim Crow laws.  To put it simply, the Georgia laws enable every citizen who has attained the age of 18 to register and vote.  Since the age of Jim Crow, the voting age was reduced from 21 to 18 under the Nixon administration.

Voting opportunities have been expanded from a single Election Day — with limited absentee balloting – to early voting, extended hours, no-excuse mail balloting, same day registration —  not to mention the inclusion of such questionable practice as vote harvesting, eliminating signature comparisons and eliminating requirements to show a photo ID.  Most of these latter practices are the abuses the state laws are intended to correct.

Biden’s comparison of the new Georgia election laws to those of the Jim Crow era is race-baiting at the lowest level.  His factually false repeated claims about the Georgia laws got Biden four Pinocchio’s from the otherwise Biden-friendly Washington Post.  That is the newspaper’s lowest veracity rating,  They declared Biden to be a “recidivist” liar.

Biden’s claims are in support of the leading race-baiters – such as Al Sharpton – who are working overtime to gin up Black animosity against White America for crass political gain.  These folks cannot maintain their profitable power positions by controlling the Black voter without engendering unwarranted fear, anxiety and an exaggerated sense of victimization.

The thing about political propaganda is that it does not require a scintilla of fact.  The new Georgia laws do not restrict voting opportunities.  In fact, they expand the hours for voting.  The new Georgia law provides for far greater voter opportunities than do the states of Delaware and Colorado.

I selected Delaware because that is the home state of President Biden.  Hmmm.  Is there a stronger word than hypocrisy? 

I selected Colorado because the baseball All-Star Game was moved there in response to the new Georgia election laws.  The wise leaders of baseball moved the game in protest against Georgia’s allegedly “restrictive” law to a state with even more restrictive election laws.  That is the fact of it.

They claim to have moved the All-Star Game in support of Black voters.  In that regard, they moved the game away from the minority-majority city of Atlanta to Denver – a city with a 10 percent Black population.  And in the process, they cost Atlanta more than $100 million in much needed revenues.

All this because of the lies about the Georgia election laws – lies propagated by Democrats, the news media and, most of all, by the President of the United States. 

To say “shame on Biden” is not enough.  His tying the laws to Jim Crow is not only dishonest, it is downright dangerous.  He is promoting racial hostilities – and he is getting them. 

So, there ‘tis.

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6 Thoughts to “Biden Is Lying About Georgia Election Laws”

  1. Samuel Meachem

    Biden has started something, that is just like him. Plagiarism. He is known for that. He can’t think of anything on his own. His mind is gone and should have never been put into office. I’m ashamed of his wife for allowing him to disgrace himself and go down in history as the worst President of the United States. Because he will. He will go down as a crooked, old man, that should have retired, even before voted as vice President.

  2. Robert6391

    I do think some refuse to admit the truth about any thing, when the facts say that over 70% of the population think the voting laws recently put in place were wrong when there is no proof of wrong doing, in the things the new laws changed.
    Now if Georgia had put out a law about voting machines or places to vote based on Population per capita, then that would have been a positive thing, In stead they now have fewer voting places in the minority districts, and one of the dumbest laws in History, with Signature matching when no person signs the same way twice, and in court cases it takes weeks for a writing expert to verify a persons signature, but in Georgia an election worker can do it in a few minutes, give me a break. just more absolute BS to make it hardr for minority votes to be acepted.

  3. Michael G Warren

    Biden lies about everything and should NOT be in the White House.

  4. JimBob

    We Georgians know the racist intent of these “reforms” and it is not election security. You forget that racist democrats virtually all switched parties after the enacting of civil rights legislation in 1964 and 1965.

  5. rottenrollin



  6. rottenrollin

    Joe Crow Biden

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