Democrats Claim Election Fraud in Iowa

If there’s one thing we can expect from the Democratic Party, it’s hypocrisy.

In the latest example, House Democrats are questioning the results of a GOP-won election in Iowa.

The official tally shows Marianette Miller-Meeks (R) defeating Rita Hart (D) by a margin of 6 votes. But Hart claims at least 22 ballots did not get counted.

“Contestant Hart initiated this contested election case to vindicate the promise of our democratic system: that the representatives who serve us have been selected by the votes of their constituents, not the errors and caprices of election administrators,” argues Marc Elias, Hart’s attorney.

Hart and Elias claim that 22 ballots were erroneously discarded and insist Hart would have won the election by 9 votes had they been counted. Hart brought her argument to Congress after the Iowa State Board of Canvassers had already conducted a full recount and certified Miller-Meeks as the victor.

As Republicans have pointed out, Hart brought her case straight to the Democratic-majority House rather than to an Iowa court.

“If losing candidates can shield their claims from independent judges when the House is controlled by their party, then they will,” warns Rep. Miller-Meeks (R-IA). “A parade of contests will in the future proceed here any time there’s a close election and the losing candidate’s party holds the majority in the House. The effect of this gamesmanship will be to severely undermine the public’s confidence in our election process.”

While it is not uncommon for defeated candidates in close races to petition Congress for review, lawmakers almost always refuse.

Since 1933, only 3 of 110 such petitions have been investigated.

Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA), head of the House committee responsible for reviewing elections to the chamber, says lawmakers have a “constitutional duty” to investigate Hart’s complaint.

Where was this argument when Trump and his allies questioned the results of the 2020 presidential election??

“You cannot complain about anyone questioning the election certificates again if you’re willing to do the same to a dully-elected member,” argues Rep. Rodney Davis (R-IL).

Indeed, centrist Democrats have cautioned against a review of the case.

“Losing a House election by six votes is painful for Democrats, but overturning it in the House would be even more painful for America,” says Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN). “Just because a majority can, does not mean a majority should.”

“Unless there is rampant error and substantial evidence thereof, I do not believe it is the role of House members to dictate the outcome of elections,” added Rep. Susan Wild (D-PA).

Rep. Miller-Meeks, who did not join fellow Republicans when they voted in January to overturn the Electoral College results confirming Joe Biden’s win over Donald Trump, has urged the House to ignore Hart’s plea.

“We don’t have to prove anything at this point, and that’s something I think is important to emphasize: The congresswoman has a certificate of election, and that demonstrates that she is the winner of the race under Iowa law,” writes Miller Meeks’s attorney, Alan Ostergren.

“[Furthermore], I question whether it makes sense to anyone to spend millions of dollars litigating an election contest…when it’s clear that there are some members of the Democratic Party in the House who just think this whole thing is flawed from the start and should be stopped.”

Reversing the election in favor of Hart would require a recommendation from the House Administration Committee, a majority vote from the House, and a separate vote to confirm Hart.

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8 Thoughts to “Democrats Claim Election Fraud in Iowa”

  1. William Solomon

    She hopes that the wicked witch of the west can save her from defeat.


    The Democrats are the biggest group of scumbags on earth. Some how, home way they must pay for the damage they are doing to our country.

  3. Samuel Meachem

    Oh right, it is OK for the Democrats to claim voter fraud, but not the Republicans. I say, impeach Nancy Pelosi. She is surely to loose the majority in 2022 and just can’t stand it and will be forced to retire. If we impeach her before, she won’t have the chance to retire. She is also planning to rig the 2022 by using the HR1 bill, with approval from our so called President Biden. Who had legally lost the 2020 election. It was only the swing states voter Fraud that put him and Harris into office. Only the POTUS was too cowardly to decide on the fraud cases. Go down to the depths of the earth, Democrats. You are thieves and crooks.

  4. dems will win anyway pelosi is an evil old witch

  5. Laura Wagner

    Hmmm, Corrupt Democrats who know that there was substantial voter fraud in the 2020 election finally coming out and admitting that? Who would have thunk it? I wonder how many votes Miller-Meeks won by without the voter fraud of the democrats and dominion voter software/hardware? The democrats don’t dare open up this particular can of worms. It would expose them as the cheats they are.

  6. This means that once we show proof of the stolen presidential election we can kick out the poor man in the white house dose he know where the doors are

  7. Lishia R

    Democratic Party is so corrupt

  8. This is just another attempt by the Democrats to try to gain power. I would tell them the shoe is on the other foot . How do they like it ? They claimed no fraud for President Trump, but now there is? They claimed no discussion or challenge by Congress. But now it is ok ? Bring it to the Supreme Court immediately. Shut them up

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