Ted Cruz Visits Border, Captures Video of Cartels “Taunting” Border Patrol

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) shared video from the southern border that shows individuals with flashlights on the Mexican side of the Rio Grande river yelling at Americans on the other side. Cruz claims these were drug cartel members and human smugglers taunting Border Patrol agents.

Cruz, along with Senator John Cornyn (R-Texas), led a Senate delegation to the U.S.-Mexico border this week to observe how federal law enforcement is handling the migrant crisis. “We encountered human traffickers & cartel members tonight, yelling at us across the Rio Grande and preparing to cross,” Cruz said in a Tweet.

“So it’s past midnight, I’m standing on the shore of the Rio Grande — the water is right behind me. I’m down at the Texas border along with 18 senators. We made the trip to see the crisis that is playing out,” Cruz said in a second video.

Cruz said he saw families, including mothers nursing infants, “housed in outdoor holding pens where they were sleeping on the floor.”

Customs and Border Protection reported over 100,000 migrants at the southern border in February. That is the highest number for the month of February since 2006. There are currently more than 15,000 unaccompanied minor children in federal custody at the border.

Cruz blamed the Biden administration’s lax immigration policies for encouraging illegal immigration and strengthening the cartels.

“They know that under the current policy of the Biden administration they can flood over here — they’re getting paid $4,000-$5,000 a person to smuggle them into this country,” Cruz said. “And our policies, when they smuggle them in, the Biden administration releases them.”

“This is a humanitarian crisis, it’s a public health crisis,” Cruz said. He also pointed out that many of the illegal immigrants being released by the Biden administration are testing positive for COVID-19 “at a seven times higher rate than the American population.”

“It’s a national security crisis. And it’s time for the Biden administration to put an end to it and stop sanctioning lawless chaos on our southern border,” Cruz said.

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5 Thoughts to “Ted Cruz Visits Border, Captures Video of Cartels “Taunting” Border Patrol”

  1. c moora

    This is a travesty of justice. An inhumane method of the Democrats trying to buy future votes. It is a shame that the Democrats have stooped to such lows. Using people, causing irreparable mental harm to those children. It seems that those in DELAWARE and other places do not understand what is truly happening here in Texas(or just dont care). Most have never been to Texas, and since it is so far away, really do not feel the need to be concerned. However, I know that the cartels at the border, (after raping most the girls before sending them across), (check out the rape Trees) are reaping great rewards from the biden administration. It is truly inhumane what biden has done and is still doing. What a travesty of justice he has caused … here in the border states. It will catch up to you! in time. The drugs will infiltrate your neighborhoods. your children will become victims of the ms13 gang members he is letting in and your neighborhoods will suffer massive destruction by the terrorists who are also being given free admittance by biden. WE as a nation are in serious trouble with this administration and its pathetic leader… Having served in the vietnam war, I know the seriousness of the things that are now happening in my backyard, caused by this administration. We fought over seas to keep this from our loved ones and now our current leader has brought the war zone to us here at home. Make no mistake, it may be here upon me now, but it will be there on you sooner than you think. All these terrorists and gang members are not just staying here in Texas, (they know to leave our state) they are coming to your neighborhoods… you and your children WILL soon be effected by what biden is currently doing with our borders. I am sorry that our countrys’ leaders have stooped to such LOWS, as to use unsuspecting children and immigrants as PAWNS in their claim to POWER… We must stop this. We must reclaim our country and our government leadership. joe biden is not fit to compete with the russia and china leaders. His mental capacity is diminished and he must resort to que cards to remember what he is currently saying. This is not the leader I wish to have guiding and protecting MY country.. The country My fathers fought and died for.. The country which I fought to protect the freedoms of all free americans. I used to be a Democrat, but this Democrat party is far from what my democratic party was. I switched to the republican party, although not perfect was far better than what the Democratic party has become.
    God bless all of you and your families and I hope and pray we can make it through this mess which has come upon us. Keep your family close. Such a travesty created by biden.

  2. Mary Murphy

    I just want to know who our Dems & RINOs think is paying thee bills for all the people we are housing that are CRIMINALS? Isn’t anyone who commits a crime in here in the U.S. considered a criminal?

  3. Cat

    Okay. Now we immigrate to Mexico.

  4. Ismail Lopez

    No!! He is nottt!!! Blaming the Biden administration he is just reporting the fact!!! The truth!!! That’s the reason he went down there to find out what the situation and circumstances of the truth is to report it since the Biden administration is trying to hide it!!! From the American people since they don’t allow any journalists or news media to report it they’re trying to hide it…

  5. Craig Hawk

    The bum isn’t my president. Never was never will be. Proven fact in these Demorat states – like Michigan a good example late in the night when the polls we’re closed Demorats snuck in and dumped thousands of pre-selected Demorat voting ballots in Detroit Flint They blatantly cheated in most big cities because they knew they could get away with it nationwide

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