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    gotta be certifiable to even consider voting for ANY democrat any where any time. Suicide would be a better option …

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    David in MA

    It is very surprising that citizens cant see what Trump is doing, with democrat candidates and the Obama administration as the target, and the illegal immigrant, Indonesian citizen, Obama, is the main target, along with the corrupt Clintons. Ever so slowly the swamp is being drained, soon there will be a giant swoosh as the sewer drain claims it’s due.

  3. 3

    This commutation drives the Dems absolutely nuts and doesn’t begin to bother Trump’s base. Another “thing” to keep the liberals off balance.

  4. 6

    Tom Oakley

    Jesse Jackson Jr got a slap on the hand,justice is coming,their days are numbered.

  5. 7


    I’m not a big fan of the moves that Trump made in the early releases of people that have “served” the public and used the system to line their own pockets rather than do their job honestly. Bad move in my opinion! He complains about Biden and son and turns around and does this…Makes no sense!

  6. 8


    Blago is going to sing about some things you won’t believe!

  7. 9

    Tom corbin

    The only truth I know is the government just keeps taxing(stealing) us to death.

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