Biden Won’t Comply With Subpoena for Trump’s Impeachment Trial | Patriots 4 Truth

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    Rose P

    Biden is the one who should be thoroughly investigated for the millions he has made from very ILLEGAL transactions!!!

  2. 2


    These folks are real domestic terrorists. How can anyone with a brain think for a minute that our President should be punished for asking the question when Sleepy Joe is on film bragging about doing the very crime that was asked about!

  3. 3

    Peter N Ciolino

    The BIDEN’s are THIEVES & Pathological LIARS!!!
    GOD BLESS the Greatest American PRESIDENT &
    PATRIOT in USA History; POTUS Donald J. TRUMP…

  4. 4

    this bloke should be jailed for corruption come on fbi do your bloody job properly

  5. 5


    Man has a lot of brass to say “ ABUSE OF POWER AND OBSTRUCTION OF CONGRESS “ Nothing ever was presented that our President committed any crime….maybe he should look in the mirror.
    No one in our great country of the USA believe any of this crap!! 😡
    Being subpoenaed is not a choice and bonehead Biden has no legal right to refuse this….make him TESTIFY AND THEN OUR GREAT PRESIDENT AND ALL OF THE USA WILL THEN SEE WHAT HE’S HIDING!!!
    Go President TRUMP ALL THE WAY

  6. 6


    The ONLY reason BIDEN won’t Show is because he knows that they will CUFF and STUFF him
    if he Shows Up ! Because he is a HABITUAL LIAR and a DERANGED Delusional THUG.

  7. 7


    Well now, wouldn’t that be “obstruction of congress”? So can we then fully expect Democrat support in bringing charges against Mr. Biden since they applied that very measure to President Trump, or will they withdraw their hoax impeachment charges? Note at this point these are the only two options available to Democrats, any other decision should warrant an immediate dismissal of the impeachment hoax.

  8. 8


    If he doesn’t answer an obey the legal subpoena, file charges against JOE THE MOLESTER, he must be related to CHESTER THE MOLESTER IN HUSTLER IN THE DIRTY MAGAZINE THATS MOST LIKELY UNDER HIS MATTRESS!!!!!!

  9. 9


    Don’t like him attacking the old person that deserves respect from him!!! Joe you work for him, not other way around!! I’m 68years old, come talk to me like that an you’ll get knocked on your molesting ass!! You piece of shit!!

  10. 10

    Silver Fox

    Meaning he will have to plead the fifth or his lawyer will get him classified as mentally incompetent.😆

  11. 11


    Joe, if you don’t comply, then you s/b eliminated from running for potus!

  12. 12

    Joy Van Pelt

    Wow! That’s a piss poor excuse if I’ve ever heard one! Mr. Biden is doing the exact lies he’s claiming of President Trump. Talk about a HYPOCRITE! This man has that title down pat!

  13. 13


    This guy wont comply bc he knows they will destroy him… and he has the balls to Trump violated the constitution… He violated it the eight years he was in office.. Did he forget how he bragged about the billion dollars… He belongs in jail along with the rest of the democrat party where i wish they would abolish already… They just want to destroy this country

  14. 14


    Wrong again boys. Biden said if he is subpoenaed he will testify Unlike corrupt trump and his four stooges who know trump is doomed if they do testify

  15. 15


    Patriots Are you afraid to post any thing that doesn’t fit your partisan website. Biden will testify if subpoenaed. Don’t be afraid of the truth

  16. 16


    “ Creepeness “ when It comes to young ladies !? I would ‘nt Trust him for a Second! !

  17. 17


    Bidens were cleared of everything by every intelligent agency and the impeachment is not about the Bidens it’s about the crimes trump has committed. Everything trump does is a diversion to get gullible people to get there minds off of all the crimes he has done

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