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    Bradley Hodges

    Well you know what then the black lady should’ve negotiated a higher price you don’t take the first price someone offers you regardless of race if they didn’t wanna pay her more than she should’ve told him to shove it up their ass and walk away you don’t ever let someone screw you over regardless of race creed color or whatever I’m handicap if somebody didn’t wanna pay me the same price item right where to go so that’s the problem with society everybody always takes the first price someone wants to give them they don’t put no South self-worth on themselves they just take the first thing someone offers because I think that’s all they’re going to get the white woman is no better than The black woman if they think they are than that’s within themselves you have to have self-worth you don’t let anybody tell you that someone is better than you I was born handicap there’s nobody better than me nobody I can do anything anybody else can do it I will do it better she has the difference between handicapped people and every other culture we don’t let somebody tell us what we canning cannot do I don’t care who they are black white orange green purple or whatever color whatever creed nobody’s better than me I was born with her syndrome I stand on my own two cripple feet and no body will ever tell me that they’re better than me they’re worth more than me nobody is better than me I don’t care what color they are I don’t care who they are as long as I believe in myself and I stay true to God and I treat people with respect until they disrespect me life‘s good you don’t let anybody tell you nothing

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    Bob Borgstrom

    Why is it always (even on this site) a topic saying how frail and chicken shut white people are? The brainwashing of my grandchildren must stop!!!

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    Uncle Ben

    So DiAngelo was paid 70% more than the black author. That seems a little on the low side, but I have no tolerance for greed.

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    Martin Carter

    Liberal Hypocrisy marches on. An absolute joke.

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