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    Jasper bruns

    A bunch of spoiled brats and punks!, tree hugging Democrats!

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    These subversive’s should be prosecuted under Federal law & imprisoned. No special “ white privilege” from mommy & daddy.
    You play you pay – you do the crime you do the mf’n time.

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    Start shooting the idiots. That should stop them.

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    A walkout because of the Parkland shootings? Her ‘generation finally coming to this moment’? What!?!? Her generation included the shooter and the kids that bullied him! Notice how flaky these people are. Soooo proud of their liberal arts degrees and careers. They want US to pay off their student loans? They want US to give them ‘free’ healthcare, college, and minimum living wage of $1,000-2,0000 a month??? And climate panic!!!

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    The parents should be arrested and made to pay for all the damages. plus child abandonment

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    Arrest the parents and fine them with a 6 figure amount fine to pay for the damage their spoiled brats cause and make sure the kids are sentenced to a meaningful prison term. These parents better have a large endowment for these kids because they wont be able to get a decent job with the police record on their resume after college ! BUT IT WOULD BE DESERVED !

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    We need good full front facials, addresses, car tags, etc.

    Then maybe some good citizen could apply some justice.

  8. 8


    Final outcome will be interesting. Do big lawyers and rich parents equal justice? These punks need very high fines in addition to some minimal jail time. A good example if handled correctly.

  9. 9


    Parents of rich kids are not made responsible. The colleges are full of very liberals professors and they are indoctrinating the kids.
    Drug problem in every public schools is not being addressed. Public schools in California are not doing anything to help kids. No suspended or expelled even if they are caught doing drugs on campus. Arrested off campus, they don’t get probation, no rehab.
    Drug problem very bad in CA.
    God bless our country
    Trump 2020

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