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    Donald J

    Sure would like to know what the BS Pelosi injected into the bill that did not get removed. She has become the epitome of everything that has become wrong in America.

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    Now all they have to do is stop all the add on bills they want to pass that have no chance otherwise! This practice has to stop especially on emergency legislation as this is!

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    Margaret Edwards

    This bill is BULLSHIT period. The Democrats had to sneak a bunch of shit that has NOTHING to do with helping the American people into it! I CANT BELIEVE the the republicans allowed this shit to happen!! How about asking what the American people think about this bill….I guarantee you MOST OF US DONT LIKE IT AT ALL!! What does giving the Kennedy Center in D.C. of course have to do with helping people who are NOT ALLOWED TO GO TO WORK pay their bills. Oh, and buy the way are their ANY CONGRESS people being FORCED TO STAY HOME? Hell no and how come none of the Democrats have gotten sick??? And why do people who are FORTUNATE enough to be allowed to keep working need to be paid from this bill…they’re ALREADY getting paid because they are still ALLOWED TO GO TO WORK??

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