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    China suck but are Right about Islam! World wake up against Islam before you are forced to smell the ground 5X daily!

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    Radio Bill

    You have to know that Hollywood’s main source of adrenochrome is actually coming out of the Wuhan area of China. Also fresh body parts for transplanting comes out of mainly the same area.

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    Trish Jacobs

    I have an idea, show your films in China and stay out of the US. We know where your allegience lies.

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    Its amazing how many of our packing plants, business and farms that have been sold to China under Obama Biden presidency. Smithfield and Tyson were sold to China. They are 2 of our biggest packing plants in usa. I found out that China makes 97 % of our prescription drug and over the counter drugs.
    I was checking the grocery store to see if can food and frozen food was made in China. Yes! On front of package USA vegetables, on the back China.
    A few oth ago Pelosi wanted every thing labeled WORLD MADE, now I understand why! The latest on recalls. The meat was from Canada and Vinsuliam. Packed in USA. Is a way to put our pork and beef farmers out of business so China can buy the ranches? Because of the virus in the Smithfield and Tyson plants our farmers were stuck with beef and pigs. Pig farmers were killing the baby pigs because no market. China has refugees in packing plants.

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    It is true…….the influx of money coming from other countries, such as China, are astronomical! I thought we had a law on our books or in our Constitution that stated no foreign entity could own or hold a majority of shares in a United States based company!!! We need to have someone verify it. In the recent Presidential Debate, Biden spoke about helping GM get plants opened in Ohio and other states after the recession…yes, it was done with our money and was called “Bail-Out”. Now, GM has allowed China to invest heavily into the company because they couldn’t manage it themselves. FORD did not take any “Bail Out Money”. Tesla now has an influx of funds from China & will making automobiles in China to be shipped to other countries. Remember that Pelosi’s brother-in-law received a $600M grant for making solar panels & his business failed within about a year! The citizens of the USA are really getting pissed of with the influx of funds and influence from foreign countries for many years. This is why President Trump is promoting the USA first, while candidate Biden wants China to be successful!!!!!

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    In reference to Hollywood, take a thoughtful look at the strange and violent movies that are being produced and shown. Example the walking dead. The program shows how far the ideology of the USA has deteriorated.
    Walt Disney would probably have closed the industry if he had any say in the matter.
    Disney is also invested in the porn industry too.

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