The American Comedy

One of the facts of politics is that people will surrender freedom for safety.  That is why fear is a major driving force in politics.  That is why politicians concoct crises where there are none – or cling to fearmongering long after the crisis has subsided.

The key to success in getting people to surrender freedom is to propagate the sense of crisis. And then convince the public that you are the only person – or political party – that can save them.  Of course, it will require the transfer of power from the people to an elitist establishment in Washington.  It also requires the acquisition of a person’s wealth for redistribution based more on political advantage than need.

Let’s look at the major issues that President Biden and his radical left-wing governing coalition consider crises. Keep in mind that Democrats have the enormous advantage of an elitist east coast news media serving as their partisan communication vehicles for the Democrats false political narratives.

The Covid-19 Pandemic

In terms of the Pandemic, the mantra is … “it isn’t over, it isn’t over, it isn’t over.”  Outside of a small concession on the wearing of masks outside – which they could have issued throughout most of the Pandemic based on the scientific statistics – the administration medical authorities, including the Center for Disease Control (CDC), are calling for most of the same precautions they called for at the height of the Pandemic.

Under the pressure of questioning, these medical authorities will admit that a vaccinated person has only the remotest of chances of getting OR spreading Covid.  The have also backed off the likelihood of contracting Covid-19 from surfaces. 

They fail to report that the number of  people with active cases has been dropping precipitously. The death rate has also been dropping. It is now only a fraction of what it was a few months ago.  So, why has the media virtually stopped reporting the daily number of deaths?  You know the reason.

They fail to note that the vast majority of the new cases are being discovered in people who are asymptomatic – or with very mild symptoms and virtually no risk of death.  That is because more than 80 percent of the high-risk seniors have now been vaccinated.

In terms of the United States, this Pandemic is in its ebbing days. 

So, the Biden administration – and those on the left – use the most despicable fearmongering to advance their power-grab agenda.  It is the old “it COULD happen” even though the statistics indicate that the chance is VERY, VERY low.  To use their argument, it is POSSIBLE that I could be killed by a meteorite tomorrow.  But I am hardly spending my time building a meteorite shelter.

The reason they keep stoking excessive fear of the virus is because they believe it will give political fuel to their desire to move America from a people-up Republic to top-down elitist authoritarianism.  The Biden plan would be the biggest shift of power to Washington – and the greatest political redistribution of wealth – in American history.  The Pandemic is just another excuse.

The Economy

The economy is yet another example.  Since the Great Depression, Democrats have seen their success dependent on convincing the American people that we have a massive problem of poverty and oppression.  They use the anecdotal/broad-brush approach.  If they can highlight a single case of suffering, they claim it reflects all of America. Or at least a very high percentage. 

They then call for legislation and spending to APPEAR to address the marginal problem – all the time making the real goal more power for an elitist autocratic government in Washington run by … them.  The sad irony is that the billions upon billions of dollars they already poured into the so-called “war on poverty” failed to put a dent into the problem.  That is because it was never intended to do so.  The money is mostly distributed to allied individuals and organizations as political payoffs.

We are seeing that same approach again in the wake of the Covid economic shut-down.  

The economy was EXTRAORDINARILY strong before the Pandemic hit and we carried out a massive government-directed shutdown.  Overnight, we went from 3.3 percent unemployment to a depression era 14 percent. It was higher in minority communities that had been seeing the lowest unemployment rates since the Great Depression.  If the middle class was shrinking – as Democrats are fond of noting – it was because millions of Americans were moving up into the upper bracket. 

One of the factors that maintained a persistent poverty rate was the addition of more than 20 million illegal migrants. Many of whom went on welfare because of the current lack of jobs.  Despite that fact, the welfare rolls were shrinking.

Virtually every major economist – and anyone with an ounce of common sense – understands that the economy was structurally solid before Covid-19 — and a resurgent economy would resume as the shutdown was eased.  That appears to be something Democrats seem to fear more than they desire.

The stock market returned to its record-breaking levels at the end of the Trump administration. Even before a single dose of vaccine was shot into a person’s arm.  It will continue to soar – and that may not be a good thing – because Biden is overheating the economy with massive amounts of inflation-breeding cash.  At the same time, those massive expenditures – unless stopped by Republicans and sane Democrats – will EVENTUALLY slow down growth and limit jobs.

Unemployment has dropped to around 6 percent.  It would be much lower if Congress had understood what the Republicans were saying about the undesirable affect of excessive unemployment benefits. Especially in how prolonged they became.  Simply put … the folks at low-level incomes would not go back to work until their benefits ran out.  Who can blame them?  Consequently, retail shops and restaurants are having a difficult time finding workers as the economy is moving toward normal.

And still, Democrats want to pour trillions of dollars into unemployment, welfare and assistance programs – even new ones. 

This after billions of dollars were GIVEN to many Americans who did not need the money.  If taking money from some folks to give it to others stimulates the economy, why not take it all and give it all away.  You see the problem?  All consumers and no producers.  As former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher put it, the result of these socialistic approaches is that “you eventually run out of other people’s money.”

Biden and the Democrats are counting on enough Americans to be sufficiently greedy … sufficiently stupid … and sufficiently uncaring about their kids and grandkids economic wellbeing … to keep the keepers of the economic cornucopia in power.  That is what it is all about.

As Benjamin Franklin wisely noted:  “When the people find that they can vote themselves money that will herald the end of the republic.”

Democrats are banking on Franklin being correct.


Perhaps the most dangerous false narrative of all is that America is a deeply racist nation. It pits the White American majority against a collection of distinctly different ethnic groups.  Currently, the United States population is 72 percent White according to Census Bureau statistics. It is hardly at some tipping point that is one of the BIG lies in the left’s false narrative.  Even if you exclude those our government categorizes as White Hispanics, the White population is still more than 60 percent.  America is not at a tipping point in terms of the demographics. The so-called White community will be the largest ethnic/racial group in America for decades to come. 

But let us talk about that “tipping point” crap dished out by the Democrats.  Every day, the left-wing media proffers the false claim that there is a rise in racial tension because all of us White folks are cowering in fear that folks with a darker skin color – those now lumped together as “people-of-color” –may be gaining more power and authority based on numbers alone.

But much more importantly, White folks are NOT operating on some Democrat-invented fear of some fictional “takeover.”  I do not know of a single White person … or Republican … or conservative … who fears the growth in the population numbers and percentages of Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans, non-Christians, gays, women or any other tribe –based on the evil concept of identity politics that Democrats try to force us into.

Americans are NOT a racist people.

We get along fine in our daily lives. Especially when not prodded into tension and hostility by the political agendas of the left.  Finding a few malcontents who shout racist rhetoric is not a representation of we the people any more than those radical left-wingers destroying portions of Portland on a daily basis define the majority of Americans with more traditional liberal views.

Ironically, where the residual of SYSTEMIC racism is found, the Democrats and the left ignore it.  Why?  Because they own it. 


That is where the lack of education takes place.  That is where poor quality housing takes place.  It is where high unemployment takes place. It is where you find the so-called food deserts and health deserts.  That is where you find the most overt racist policing – and the most street crime.  And that is where the populace revolts against the crushing and deadly oppression in demonstrations and deadly riots over and over and over again.

The entire predicate of America is the rejection of racism — and the evil concept of identity politics by which an authoritarian political establishment creates permanent interest groups — and then dangles policies and privilege as the rewards in divisive tribal competitions.  It is the opposite of e pluribus unum, the melting pot, the American Dreams and an opportunity society.

I do not see any evidence of the American people fearing the growing numbers of any group.  If we had this mythical fear of minorities, per se, how could we have elected a Black President of the United States.  Most Americans have been working for – and hoping for – the minorities to escape from the contemporary segregation and oppression that is iconic in our major cities.

The only thing most Americans should fear – and do fear – is the rise of a political class that would transform our Republic from a “government of the people, by the people, for the people” to an authoritarian model in which a dominant central government in Washington dictates the rules.

We fight against THAT in people regardless of their race, color, religion, gender, sexual preference, country of origin or any of those other tribes that the left Democrats would superimpose on the American culture.


Those are the three great dishonest narratives that have been foisted on we the people by the left-wing political forces in the Democratic Party and the compliant and cooperative news media.  These are the crises that they concocted – and in which they want us to believe. 

To put it bluntly, the Pandemic crisis is ending.  Our economy is not in crisis but experiencing a robust recovery.  And racism is NOT a defining characteristic of our nation. Rather, it exists as a cancer confined to specific and easily defined regions.

The only real crisis at the moment is taking place at our southern border. And that is being denied by Democrats.  But that is a subject for a later commentary.

So, there ‘tis.

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One Thought to “The American Comedy”

  1. Larry Bowling

    The dems and their buddies in the MSM have been blowing up the numbers on COVID since it first started. For them, it was a test to see how far they could push “we the people” before we would push back against their scare tactics. I am by no means saying that COVID was not a serious threat, just as some of the other flu-like viruses have been. What I am saying is the dems have used it as a weapon to get us into following along like little sheep to do whatever they say and it looks like it has worked SO FAR! It is time now that we take back our country and make sure politicians understand that they are put into office by OUR VOTES and can be removed by OUR VOTES if there are no illegal votes.They work for “we the people” not the other way around. We must stop re-electing people who will not do our business in government.
    And do it peacefully with our voices and votes as our weapons.

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