National Guardsmen at the Capitol Hospitalized After Being Fed Metal Shavings

Several members of Michigan’s National Guard that are currently stationed in Washington, D.C. to protect the U.S. Capitol are now hospitalized after being fed food that was severely undercooked, moldy, and even contained metal shavings.

According to a staff sergeant with the National Guard, who wished to remain anonymous,, over 70 meals were thrown away after they discovered undercooked beef, while other meals had metal shavings.

Now, dozens of soldiers who have been stationed in the nation’s capital since Jan. 6 have gotten sick from the meals.

“Yesterday, for instance, there were 74 different meals found with raw beef in them,” the staff sergeant said. “Just yesterday, the lunches were, soldiers had found metal shavings in their food.”

The sergeant was not the first person to complain about the quality of food given to guardsmen. According to WUSA-TV, a soldier’s mother brought up the issue to Michigan Democratic Rep. Dan Kildee several weeks ago.

He reportedly contacted the National Guard to take action, but nothing was done. But now that there have been several hospitalizations, there is a renewed sense of urgency surrounding the matter.

The National Guard provided an update to members of Congress. According to that update, 59 soldiers have been pulled from duty for gastrointestinal issues as a result of the food. An undisclosed food vendor contracted by the Pentagon provided the meals.

The issue has reportedly been sent up the chain of command, and Democratic Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s office is aware.

In a statement, the National Guard called the situation “very concerning,” saying, “The firsthand accounts and pictures of undercooked food being served clearly shows that what is being given to Michigan’s service members is unacceptable.”

State lawmakers in Michigan are demanding that action be taken against the current food provider.

“It is completely unacceptable that our men and women serving in Washington D.C are being hospitalized due to the food they are being provided,” the representatives wrote in the letter to National Guard Bureau Chief Gen. Daniel Hokason. “As Representatives of these service members, we request that either the current contract be voided and a new food provider be brought in or that the service members be provided with a per diem throughout their remaining time in Washington, D.C.”

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11 Thoughts to “National Guardsmen at the Capitol Hospitalized After Being Fed Metal Shavings”

  1. brad benson

    they should setup there own food facility cant trust anyone one in the BIG DC .

  2. rottenrollin

    Only the very best for our troops, under Biden………

    Poisoned food and a parking lot floor to sleep on.

    Perhaps these guys will join the insurrection?????? FOR DUE CAUSE

  3. Realhuman

    Blame it all on Dictator Nancy Pelosi. The National Guard was at the Capitol upon HER orders and she could care less about their welfare. We all saw that when she ordered the guard to sleep in a freezing parking garage – on the floor. We should make her sleep in that garage and feed her that tainted food. Nancy Pelosi is he most hateful, hurtful. money hungry scum that EVER walked this earth!


    This is unacceptable that our Service members are being treated in this manner. There is no reason at all for them to be in DC to begin with except that the low life Democrats are doing so much to change our country that they know that we the people are not going to stand for it.

  5. Cliff

    There you go…Keep trusting the communists, as you sleep on the floors, freeze, and now get poisoned, all because the democommunists “think” there is coming “attack” after stealing the “election” from the American people. Perhaps if there was a FAIR and HONEST “election”, the military, the “fence”, and the razor wire, would not be needed. It seems now, the people apparently have had enough of the scams, schemes, rampant VOTER FRAUD, and the “takeover” of our Constitutional republic by the communists invading DC. and their voices will begin to be heard more, as the days go by. Only the “beginning” my friends.

  6. Janice Casey

    This is totally unacceptable and needs to be taken care of immediately!

  7. Gloria Cordell

    I think this is awesome! But the proof is in the pudding! Seeing is believing! And I’ve seen so many on line claims from toothpaste and what ever, but when applied the lights still pretty much the same.

  8. National Guardsmen at the Capitol are hospitalized after being fed raw meat and metal shavings. They fell ill with COVID, as a result of being put to sleep on the cold floor in the Capitol, and then in the garage, so that their appearance would not interfere with the fun of the soulless democratic elite, who imagined themselves to be slave owners who dispose of their slaves at their own discretion.

  9. dimento

    Why don’t they demand Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, and Harris eat the food. The guard should go home. There is nothing worth guarding. Make the politicians responsible for this outrage and wasted tax dollars pay for the guard duty. The guard sleeps in garages when illegals cross the border with a royal welcome and more handouts. Send them to live on the lawn of all politicians homes who are creating this caravan of disgrace. They have coronavirus walking right in thanks to all the leftist democrat scum and fake media while Americans are shut down losing their businesses and jobs. Leftist democrats are a national disgrace no better than Nazi Germany or communism under Stalin, Mao, or the current Chinese regime. By the way, the election was 100% fraud! The fraud in plain site just like Biden’s quid pro quo against Ukraine Burisma, you heard him on TV laughing about it. American is lost. Cross the Delaware. Secede. Fight for your second amendment rights or you will end up in a crematorium, starved, or sent to Democratic revisionist re-education camps. At least 75 million should pray for the rebirth of Trump, this time with a force stopping all mail in ballots by any means necessary as they are fraud just like dominion voting machines with tainted software manipulated over the internet. HR 1, the devils bible. Dr Seuss is certainly smarter than Fauci, the do nothing fake doctor who caused the pandemic. No green eggs and ham. Handout hydroxychloroquine to anyone testing positive for covid and wanting it. Its your right. Demand it. Its a coverup enabled by Fauci, the dumbest doctor in America, to kill Americans and create fear to push the pandemic to support the excuse for the election mailin ballot fraud to the tune of millions of ballots. Trump won in a landslide. Period. I still have my first amendment, so should everyone, demand it, fight for it. Speak out. Challenge all the democrat lies and fakers. Its a war of words. My words are the truth and the way. Leftists and the fake media are demonic liers bent on communism and destruction of America.

  10. bill l

    these national guard have left their families and homes as duty calls,they have been treated terrible ,have to sleep on cement floors and in parking garages,fed crap for food,have one toilet for 5000 troops,the people that arranged these terrible conditions should be fired from their jobs and put in jail forever.

  11. Donald W. Hansen

    Now if they said they were illegal immigrants they would be put up in a nice hotel, fed free meals, got free education and other goodies. But since they were JUST American soldiers protecting the Capital they slept in unheated garages and fed food that made them sick.But then that is all they good expect from the Democtrates. Governors take your men back

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