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    I guess Cruz & the other senate republicans don’t care about GA. or the American People, all they care about is they won their elections. Why vote for a bunch of cowardly do nothings. People are struggling & they should have already passed another stimulus for the people. They don’t care, I haven’t seen any of them miss a paycheck!!! All both sides do is say it’s the other sides fault. I have voted for republicans, but I don’t see any reason to vote anymore because the cowardly do nothing republicans such as yourself don’t care. Just a ‘Dog & Pony’ show. I won’t vote demoncrap & won’t even comment about aoc, but I am getting very tired of republicans & will suggest to others there is no reason to vote anymore. You cowards let this last election go without doing anything!!!

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    Laura Wagner

    AOC has proven time and time again that she is not only ignorant, but stupid. Yes, she still knows nothing as to how the different branches of government work, but stupid in that she sees no reason to learn. My question is how in h**l did she manage to get re-elected to her position? It has to be another example of voter fraud or that the people in her district are just as stupid as she is, which is a sad state of affairs.

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    Another useless site I will not follow anymore. Never see posts!!!

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    I didn’t realize that the government had a money tree growing in their backyard. Democrats only want power and money. They don’t care about American Citizens. It’s only about their salaries and their controls. They are beyond corrupt but it won’t last forever!!!!!!!!

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    None of this matters if we are all dead. Everything about money means nothing when you are dying or dead. No one asks how much you have in your bank account when flown by helicopter to a Trauma based hospital . When all the health care workers are dead what will the rich do then??????? What will any of us do?????

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    AOC is beyond ignorant. In fact most Dems are willing to add to the federal deficit just to rescue the Democratic cities so poorly run that they are in huge financial holes. Why should the entire nation have to be taxed to save the irresponsible cities?

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    I would love to see Ted the coward Cruz waiting in line in his car for hours to waiting his share food. We have people going hungry here can’t you see this. Get off your ivory tower let’s all work together and pass this stimulus bill.

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