Mueller Report is not a public document … period

Let us be very clear. The Mueller Report is NOT a public document. It is a confidential report from Special Counsel Robert Mueller to his bosses at the Department of Justice. Yes, Mueller works for the Attorney General. His obligation is to provide the report to his superiors at the DOJ and they are to decide what to do with it.

Democrats fudge the facts when they note that the prosecutor in the President Nixon case gave the report directly to Congress. They fail to explain – for obvious reasons – that prosecutor Leon Jaworski was an INDEPENDENT prosecutor. He did not work for or report to the Attorney General.

It is within the legal authority of Attorney General William Barr to do as he pleases with the Report. He can make it public with legally and policy-required redactions – which is what he is doing. However, he could keep the entire Report private and provide a summary – more than his initial letter dealing with the two major findings. Or … he can do and provide nothing.

Of course, there is the question of political pressure, which is more important than any erroneously claimed legal right. It is reason enough to issue at least a redacted version. Good politics and legal requirements are entirely different things.

Barr, in conjunction with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and the folks in the Office of Legal Counsel, determined that there was no obstruction of justice. Trump is accurate when he says that there was no criminal collusion AND no obstruction of justice. He has been cleared on both allegations – although he is not accurate in saying that both were the conclusion of the Report, itself. One was the Mueller conclusion and the other the conclusion of those at the DOJ who reviewed the full document.

Democrats and their media pals make much of what they say is the “peoples’ right to know.” Most certainly there is a bit of natural curiosity, but sorry Charlie, there is no RIGHT for the people to have access – and that includes the members of Congress. It merely is politically prudent for Barr to release what he can.

Interestingly, while the Democrats and the anti-Trump media claim to be representing the wishes of the people, polling suggests that the people have a lot less interest in “the Russian thing” than the Democrats and the anti-Trump media. Most certainly, if you ask the public if they think the report should be made public, you will get a predictable positive response. But, in polls where the public was to list or name the issues of greatest importance to them, “the Russian thing” does not even register. It is a bit like asking people to choose between Pepsi or Coke when, in fact, they do not like colas.

You will get an answer that means nothing.

In advance of the issuance of the Report, the Democrats are queuing up their best redaction traps. They are demanding that the ENTIRE Report be release even though they know that would be illegal and unwise. They are already baiting their redaction traps with baseless claims that the redactions will be politically motivated to protect the President.

That is not only political nonsense, but it would be impossible since Mueller and others could reveal redactions that were not required by law. And you can bet that Mueller, Barr, and others involved in the release of the Report will be hauled before the Democrat-run House committees that are investigating everything — from what Mueller has already investigated to Trump’s tipping habits.

Recognizing that their two-year false narrative of criminal conspiracy and obstruction of justice has been revealed as a political fraud on the public, they are lowering the bar for impeachment. Maybe – just maybe – the Mueller Report will contain information what Trump did was not illegal, but unwise. With a bar that low, there is hardly a President who could have avoided an impeachment hearing.

Didn’t President Obama lie during the campaign when he said he opposed gay marriage? Didn’t he lie about keeping your doctors and the costs of coverage in order to pass the Affordable Care Act? Didn’t his Justice Department lie about the “fast and furious” program that gave guns to drug cartellians – and resulted in the death of scores of Mexicans and one American border agent?

There will be enormous Democrat caterwauling when the Report comes out. Trump is right about that. They will cry “foul” because the Grand Jury testimony will be redacted. If it appears that derogatory information about unindicted persons is redacted – as is the policy of the DOJ – they will scream coverup.

The Democrats have promised to issue subpoenas like grocery store coupons. This means prolong court cases and political dysfunction for the next two years – and beyond. None of this is about “getting to the bottom of it,” but instead about gaining a political advantage as we head into the 2020 election. But will it work?

What we the people can count on is that the Report will be released soon. It will be heavily redacted. And for months and months afterward, we will be plagued by a politically motivated raging controversy. But it is not without a certain ironic benefit to Trump and the Republicans.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi — and the rational fringe of the Democratic Party – understand that they have to put an agenda of positive issues before the public and not get burdened down by the ongoing pissing contest between the Trump administration and rabid radical Democrats. But as long as folks in Congress — like Jerry Nadler, Adam Schiff, Maxine Waters, Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio Cortes, Rashida Tlaib, etc., etc., etc. — continue to call for wide-ranging investigations over settled issues and scream for impeachment where no crimes exist, they will dominate the news coverage.

As emperors declared in ancient Rome to commence the bloody battles of gladiators, “Let the games begin.”

So, there ‘tis.

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