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    Thomas Johnson

    How one man can disregard the will of the American People is beyond me. I have watched this circus from the beginning and it is clear that Americans are suffering. We all appreciate the $600.00 but it is woefully insufficient. The congress who are supposed to be the voice of American citizens are caught up in their cowardice for fear of losing their jobs. Well, we the American People are and have lost their jobs. They can’t pay their rent, they can’t feed their children. After all, the money the Congress controls our money. Money we paid in taxes. The money belongs to us, not them. The ones who are blocking the stimulus should all be fired and replaced by American Citizens. This childish arguing must stop now and do what is right. Save the starving citizens, save their businesses and their employees. Get rid of this mentally ill Trump and his cronies.

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    mcconnell in MY opinion, is a part of the “deep state”, and beholding to communist china as much as dementia-Joe and his ineligible “anchor baby HO” . Look who he is married to, and where her “allegiances” and “priorities” are. her “home country”….CHINA… It is all about POWER, MONEY, and CONTROL my friends, and if President Trump is not returned to his rightful place in OUR OVAL OFFICE ..Kiss this Constitutional Republic GOODBYE, and “welcome” the new COMMUNIST DICTATORSHIP, as ALL citizens will then become “subjects” of the communist party, as Demensia-Joe and his constitutionally- ineligible “anchor baby HO” are bought and OWNED by communist china.

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    Well, my humble opinion. We need the money now! That’s a the help for all we are going thru with China virus. The 2,000 is needed NOW! And whatever else they want to dispute should be addressed on a different bill after we get the 2,000!!!

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    Theresa condrey

    Yes as a American we need that extra 2000 to help out because people like me and other are with out a job and barely marking ends meat

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    Stephen Robinson

    Have any of these grade school mental midgets considered.”SPLITTING THE DIFFERENCE”? IN OTHER WORDS WITH A $1,400 DIFFERENCE IN THE 2, SEND CHECKS FOR $1,300, JUST A THOUGHT

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    You are always good at throwing money away,but when it comes to middle class people its always about the national debt. the next time i vote it will be for Trump only,the rest can go to hell. If you are so worried about the debt why don:t you people take a cut in pay,that would be fair right.

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    Fae Montcalm

    I am so tired of the Washington games. No wonder people are so frustrated.

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    Lyudmila Loeva

    All non-biased Republicans can see that Mitch McConnell is a traitor, a crook and a scum. Can’t Republican senators defend against him? Or are they the same?

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    McConnell is a clever snake.

    And hobnobbing with the meanest viper of all, Pelosi.

    I think we need to cut both their heads off.

    L I T E R A L L Y

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    Turtle Boy is a COWARD, TRAITOR & POS!!! If he was voting to provided his Chinese in-laws with more money, no doubt he would get it passed. He, himself is worth over $22 million, you don’t think he cares about THE SUFFERING AMERICAN PEOPLE do you!!! He is going to retire & could care less about THE SUFFERING AMERICAN PEOPLE. He better watch his back!!!

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