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    What’s new Bill has never been to prison. Democrats aren’t afraid of each other since the large majority of them in government are sex offenders.

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    Den OHara

    Shi t state shit people shit phony hollywood.Disgrace place !ALL IS TRUE. An they know it!

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    You release these bad people and they come to our state its open season on pedophiles.

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    California never ceases to amaze me with their liberal laws and policies,so glad they are on the other side of the country.

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    Put a fence around that state and let them kill each other.

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    Greg Brose

    Anyone convicted of a crime should serve their full sentence. That’s justice.

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    Stupid State with a dump ass Governor that should be thrown out and all the leftist
    communist Senators that live in their armed guard Mansions with him. Defund the police and i hope you have fun!!

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    Jodee Borgerding

    Of course let out the sex offenders, murderers, the worst of the worst in Cali to make room for those who dont obey your commie rules. Not a suprise. But we’ll see how that goes.

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    Quick, anyone with children, get out of CA. This state isn’t fit for normal people. Leave it for the druggies, rapist and the homeless.

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    These people are in jail a for very specific reason ! They committed the crime , were prosecuted and deserve to do the time!! This is so wrong to even consider doing something this foolish! Sex crimes destroy the person forced into such a violent invasion! We pay the police , the courts , the jails to keep them out of society ! How dare you ??? This is preposterous and an insult and tremendous risk to all tax paying citizens who abide by the law!!!

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