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  1. 1

    LMAO…held back? The fucker never sent it period!

  2. 2


    U only have the balless replubicans their 2 scared 2 hit the bullies back like trump does .
    Please don’t run again get a real (young) replubican that will do the job u should’ve
    RINOs just quit

  3. 3


    He did it because country was going through a civil war. He did it with full knowledge and approval of congress. So you people can GFY.

  4. 4

    Robert Stone

    Same old story, the democrats are hypocrites, they can do anything they want because the main stream media will not call them out on it!

  5. 5


    But why did Obama hold back aid. It wasn’t to benefit himself personally or politically. And why dose that have anything whatsoever to do with the impeachment of trump. If Obama did something wrong did trump think it was okay for him to do wrong.

  6. 6

    Eric Johnson

    BUT…but but but but…

  7. 7


    The PROBLEM is that OBAMA is not on trial and that the Media would give him a FREE PASS if he was. POTUS Trump did NO wrong as per the U.S. Constitution . . . this is an ILLEGAL COUP to unseat a DULY elected president which the Democrats are attempting to OVERTHROW making this TREASON and SEDITION. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  8. 8

    Craig Michael Vandertie

    Trump at least makes an effort to abide by some of our laws whereas the foreign enemy Kenyan “Butt Pirate Bathhouse Barry the Osamanator” was a tyrannical illegal alien enacting mandate upon mandate in his pursuit to destroy our fair and just laws Constitutional Republic.

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