Cuomo’s Guidelines Force Vaccines To Be Thrown In Trash

Covid-19 Vaccine

Medical providers were forced to throw unused Covid-19 vaccines in the trash after New York Governor Andrew Cuomo “had stuck to rigid guidelines that prioritized health care workers, and residents and staff of nursing homes and group homes,” according to The New York Times.

“Across New York State, medical providers in recent weeks had the same story: They had been forced to throw out precious vaccine doses because of difficulties finding patients who matched precisely with the state’s strict vaccination guidelines — and the steep penalties they would face had they made a mistake,” The New York Times report said.

On Saturday, when 151 New Yorkers died from COVID-19, state health officials changed the vaccine guidelines. They now allow medical providers to offer the vaccine to an employee who had contacted a member of the public. However, there would have to be extra doses available and the “priority population” would still get priority.

Before the revision made on Sunday, Cuomo was backtracking on his strict rules. On Friday, he stated that more “essential workers,” and New Yorkers older than 75 could start getting vaccinated.

Last Thursday, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio asked, “Why don’t we just resolve this and give the City of New York the freedom to vaccinate high priority people as we see fit so we can speed up the vaccination process?” A report stated:

“New York will continue to restrict COVID-19 vaccine eligibility to health care workers and nursing homes despite calls from local governments to provide the shots to police, firefighters, teachers and elderly above 75, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Thursday.”

At Callen-Lorde Community Health Center in Manhattan, Dr. Peter Meacher, chief medical officer, thought he was going to receive a small supply of Moderna’s vaccine for his staff. Instead, he got 600 doses and was forced to store over half of them in freezers.

He wanted to offer the extra vaccines to high-risk patients, but was worried that he would face consequences for violating the state’s guidelines. He told the Times, “It’s stressful and frustrating to have the vaccine and to be unable to start giving it to our patients as quickly as we would like.”

Alex M. Azar II, the secretary of the federal Department of Health and Human Services, told states they should not abide by harsh restrictions on vaccine rollout.

“There is no reason that states need to complete, say, vaccinating all health care providers before opening up vaccinations to older Americans or other especially vulnerable populations,” Azar said. He also said that states should not “leave vaccines sitting in freezers.”

Dr. Neil Calman, president of the Institute for Family Health, said, “We’re seeing them in our office, and it just seems like we’re turning them away today just so we can call them back in a week and say, ‘Now you can get your vaccine.’”

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10 Thoughts to “Cuomo’s Guidelines Force Vaccines To Be Thrown In Trash”

  1. Paul Fishman

    This is a felonious Mafioso criminal act Governor Cuomo committed against the people of New York and the United States. He IS a criminal spreader of the new mutated coronavirus and should be immediately removed from office for such a criminal violent act.

  2. patricia freudenberg

    Why not have the left over vaccine sent to another state to be used, such as Florida, where seniors are not able to get appointments for the vaccine. I am 69 years old , I have diabetes and my husband is an RN who works directly with Covid patients, but I have not been able to get an appointment! to get the vaccine! This really should NOT be so difficult!


    Welcome to central planning and the stupidity thereof. Como is the Dictator who knows best! Send COVID patients back to Nursing Homes and murder a few more thousands. Control the vaccine to the point they get trashed instead of actually being used.

  4. Moma

    He is so corrupt and a dictator. He cares nothing about the people of New York only control.

  5. C.A.

    Cuomo’s Guidelines Force Vaccines To Be Thrown In Trash…NOT! Guido’s associates are selling them on the “Black Market”.

  6. 1POatriotForever


  7. Rog

    How many citizens have to die in New York before the citizens rebel against this despot. Peaceful rebellion of course.

  8. Dar

    Cuomo is so wrong on many levels. Destroying businesses, people are fleeing NY in drives, vaccines going in the trash & let’s not forget what he did to nursing home residents. How is he still in office? But the bigger question is, who the heck is supporting him. The leftists from CA?? Soros? People really need to wake up. Pretty soon you run out of other people’s money that funds sanctuary cities aka people voting for him. How many people where actually charged with a crime for the violence that’s been occuring for months? Bigger question, how many have been released back in the streets to offend again? How is Florida doing much better with addressing Covid-19?

  9. If this is true lets get it out to the people. The American people need to know. LETS NOT COVER THIS UP

  10. Cuomo murdered the elderly by sending sick patients to Nursing Homes only to infect those elderly who were not infected and those workers who were safe as well.

    Now he’s withholding the vaccine using archaic rules thus causing thousands of doses to be thrown away.

    This is the kind of idiots that President Trump was try to clear the swamp of.

    Hopefully Biden will step in and take over the vaccine implementation since these moron Democrats seem intent on killing us.

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