San Francisco Replacing Police Officers with Social Workers

San Francisco Police Car

San Francisco’s Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) framework has six open situations for cops. In any case, they are rather filling those situations with social laborers to deal with issues including the destitute and individuals with psychological maladjustment or chronic drug use.

As indicated by the San Francisco Chronicle, the public travel framework has $2 million in its financial plan to use to fill the opportunities (for a normal compensation and advantages bundle worth about $333,000). They will utilize this to recruit a director and “20 emergency intercession trained professionals.” Last year, the board endorsed an arrangement that additional only 10 experts to BART’s dresser of reformist policing.

The BART plan expects to combine social specialists with an official on the off chance that the call gets fierce.

“This authority of reformist policing is overly significant in this time in our law requirement history,” Deputy Police Chief Angela Averiett, top of the reformist policing department, told the San Francisco Chronicle. She added, “It truly supplements our officials to help them in the work that they’ve been doing. I have gotten with many individuals that vagrancy never ought to have fallen on the shoulders of cops, and I end up concurring with that. It’s a cultural issue, yet actually we are the ones managing it.”

Information from BART found that 39% of police brings in 2020 identified with “prosperity and clinical help.” The was the greatest level of calls for administration. The second-most elevated class was admission issues, with 17% of the calls for administration. Wrongdoing represented only 8% of administration calls.

“The new arrangement was the consequence of commitment with the Police Department, association authority, forefront laborers, outside guides and riders, the introduction to the board says. Study results show 35% of these gatherings needed just a non military personnel reaction to the issues of vagrancy, psychological maladjustment and medication use, 27% just police and 17% a blend,” the Chronicle announced. “The discussion is the way the office will pay for the arrangement. The absolute work financial plan for the new authority’s 45 positions is $8.1 million, with an extra $400,000 in continuous preparing costs and $560,000 to purchase hardware.”

In June, the Mayor of Albuquerque, New Mexico, Democrat Tim Keller, reported that social specialists would react to nearly emergency calls rather than police.

“We’ve set an ever increasing number of issues on the plates of officials who are not prepared — notwithstanding their earnest attempts and regardless of some preparation — they’re not completely prepared to be a social specialist, or to be a dependence instructor, or to manage things around youngster misuse when they’re simply noting a call. We ought to have prepared experts do this, rather than people with a firearm and an identification,” Keller said.

Individuals from the Los Angeles City Council likewise marked a movement recommending unarmed social specialists react to certain emergency calls rather than police. In July, police in St. Petersburg, Florida, reported they would at this point don’t send cops to peaceful emergency calls, despite the fact that numerous calls start as peaceful however can rapidly heighten.

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17 Thoughts to “San Francisco Replacing Police Officers with Social Workers”

  1. Jay

    Not a surprise this is happening in ultra liberal San Francisco!
    What could possibly go wrong ? Ask Nancy Piglosi !
    God bless America !

  2. Pure stupidity of the Left!! I hope these social workers are well-insured!!

  3. Rog

    Works for me, keep us informed how successful it is.

  4. I think that when someone acts up or commits a crime, they should just be hauled over to old Nancy’s house for some ice cream

  5. Lol, I’m telling you, these Demorats are all mentally ill. Can’t wait until the first “SOCIAL WORKER” is killed by a nutcase. ENJOY SAN FRANCISCO.

  6. Tom

    So San Francisco has decided that they need to get rid of all of their Social Workers. Why? Are the Social Workers getting paid too much? Why does San Francisco wish to eliminate them?

  7. Not the least bit smart. Now you will get social workers killed on top of the police. But what do they care?

  8. I wonder what the city of San Francisco will do when their Social Workers start getting killed or beaten up.

  9. Tim Shepperson

    Yeah that’s the ticket. What in the hell is wrong with these morons.

  10. Real smart….I guess they’ll be a lot of openings for social workers when they start getting killed. Very dangerous.

  11. John

    Just keep sending in social workers until the person gets tired of killing or runs out ammo or their arms are to tired to swing a weapon. Then rush in and arrest the victim for being a victim. This is what happens when the inmates run the asylum. Good luck you bunch of nitwits.

  12. Ypee, now they have devised a way to get rid of the useless ,left group who only suck up our Money, and cry about everything, ” LET THE GAMES BEGIN ” !!!

  13. Anthony Crespo

    When the rapist is in his act, send him a pretty social worker so that he can make it a threesome. Nice treat for the criminal!!!

  14. Greta

    Make sure botox nancy calls the social workers next time her house is trashed,not the city workers.

  15. Hal

    How did I get on this website with all of these morons that apparently believe in “shoot first and ask questions later “.

  16. John

    I hope those social workers are about 6’6″, 245lbs, and carrying a baseball bat.

  17. Linda

    Omg…if I was a social worker, I’d be finding me another job…the day they send me out on some disturbance call, would be my last day…Flipping burgers for $15.00 an hour looks a lot more appealing right about now…truth be known…the supposed $15.00 increase is probably way more than what the poor social workers are making

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