Yes, Capt. Crozier Should Have Been Relieved Of His Command

U.S. Navy aircraft carriers live by the phrase “complacency kills.”

There are so many different ways to die aboard an aircraft carrier, it should be the setting for a Final Destination film. Rotors, props, engines, exhausts, wires, wheels, catapults, and Davy Jones’ locker all pose a constant threat to the sailor and Marine upon the world’s most dangerous 4.5 acres. Except none of these things kills without the assistance of ones’ own negligence and complacency.

While operation security is crucial, and will be the technicality the Navy uses to justify its removal of Capt. Brett Crozier, its subtle but true reason is found within the content of his letter rather than just his careless means of distributing it. Crozier’s words revealed a cultural sense of complacency incongruent with the standards of the U.S. Armed Forces, and is why I believe the Department of the Navy ultimately removed him from command of the USS Theodore Roosevelt.

In his letter requesting assistance for the TR, Crozier demonstrated an affinity for safety over a dedication to duty. He claims that not a single sailor should perish because of the virus, references not being at war or being “at peace” five separate times, and for an entire page compares his $5 billion, nuclear-powered warship of the world’s finest Navy to a luxury cruise liner.

This letter came just weeks after authorizing a port call to a major city in Vietnam (China’s neighbor), one month after Chinese air incursions near our ally of Taiwan, and two months after nearly going to war with Iran. These words and actions demonstrate poor judgment and a mindset of complacency, which has no place commanding one of only ten American aircraft carriers, especially the only one forward-deployed in the 7th Fleet.

Now, Crozier has COVID-19, just as he would have had he not announced to our enemies that the Roosevelt has an outbreak. Except now, the only aircraft carrier capable of supporting the fleet with more ships than the other five fleets combined, the only aircraft carrier capable of supporting operations against China, Russia, or North Korea should something occur, is sidelined near Guam, with no comparable relief for 6,000 miles in any direction. The Theodore Roosevelt was truly the tip of the spear, which is now blunted, with American national security at greater risk because of it.

Anyone who thinks the Joint Chiefs of Staff and senior leadership don’t care about the lives and welfare of our sailors and Marines is a fool. Of course they do, but they also care about accomplishing the mission, which will and should always come first.

The most troubling thing of all of this is found in the video of Crozier’s departure from the ship, cheered on by hundreds of its crewmen. These sailors cheer him because they believe he was looking out for their welfare, and find that to be noble.

However, it’s also ignorant of their purpose, which is to protect and defend the United States by maintaining a combat-ready aircraft carrier in the 7th Fleet. This mission is no longer being fulfilled, placing American lives and interests in jeopardy, and contributing a greater propensity to spread the virus as thousands of potential cases are now docked instead of maintaining social distance.

Each and every sailor on that ship initialed the line in his papers that said he is willing to endure injury and possibly death from the requirements of his service. This cheering indicates a lack of that willingness to sacrifice for mission accomplishment and musters the question that if these sailors aren’t willing to fulfill this duty in the face of an invisible enemy, what makes anyone think they will do so in the face of a combatant one?

A U.S. Navy aircraft carrier hasn’t been sunk by enemy combatants since World War II, which naturally invites a sense of invincibility. Except there are no exceptions in the aforementioned pledge, and they should be expected to uphold it if necessary, regardless whether its fulfillment comes at the hands of missile or molecule. Crozier should have assumed that everyone on the ship was already compromised, and the USS Theodore Roosevelt should have remained at sea, maintaining combat readiness, until relieved.

Would that be a tough decision? Absolutely. Would there be anomalies who died, which he would have to live with every day of his life? Yes. But the U.S. military doesn’t appoint men and women to positions of responsibility who are incapable of making difficult decisions during hard times.

Part of service is sacrifice. If you are unwilling to make sacrifices, including utilitarian ones, then you are unfit to serve, and certainly unfit to lead. Simple as that.

Acting Secretary of the Navy Thomas B. Modly was dead-on in his statement that while America is not at war, it is neither truly at peace either. Crozier’s failure to recognize this and skipper accordingly is of itself justifiable reason to remove him from command and take a deeper look at the necessary eradication of complacent “peacetime” attitudes amongst many in the Armed Services.

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22 Thoughts to “Yes, Capt. Crozier Should Have Been Relieved Of His Command”

  1. Dan Miller

    He will be a desk job before he going out in retirement,even though he had exemptlly career he be remmber for being removed from command for a stupid mistake.

  2. Sounds like the writings of another pompous ass. Almost as bad as Modly going aboard the ship and ripping into the crew.

  3. This article is dead wrong, in fact in itself it gives crucial information about the USS Roosevelt’s crew and equipment, its standing in the Fleet and over other Fleets and that it’s out of commission because so many “ANOMALES” as they put it, are sick! These are people, who hurt, are sick and may die, Captain Crozier may die from this!! This is red taped Beurocrats trying to blame a Captain for something that was their fault!! Mostly talked about Crozier being too naive or too stupid to run the carrier in the information times we live in and his words were leaked, now this story gives more info, you’re all guilty of big mouths!! The Captain rightfully was trying to get help for his crew, people who were sick and trying to still function under the circumstances!! Crozier should be restored to duty aboard his carrier and given a medal!! Mostly should apologize to the whole country for his words!! He made me sick!!! I’m a 64 yo AF Brat, once a Brat always a Brat, we worried about my Dad constantly and would love to know he had a leader like Crozier!!!

  4. ANI4ANI

    There r some who join the service thinking it’s just a job with free training, Some don’t believe
    that they will ever B involved in any real danger. The armed forces were created 2 serve your country not self interests. That being said let it also B said that the vast majority of our service people know the score. As mentioned in article we R not exactly @ peace. Matter of
    fact this country has ALWAY”S had adversaries waiting 2 pounce with any signs of weakness.
    With the present globalist divisive political atmosphere our exterior enemies smell blood.
    Who knows the actual purpose of the “INVISIBLE” enemy that has been unleashed. The economy is being trashed & we R sinking in2 longtime debt. Could that have been it’s intended design?

  5. mesaman

    I conclude that you are well beyond the capability to describe the actions taken by a career military officer. Stick to politics, who cares if you falter or outright screw up?

  6. Donald

    Whom ever you are, you must have military back-grown. This enlisted Navy veteran applauds the statement made on Captain Croizer. I hadn’t thought of the option “remaining at sea”.

  7. I disagree initially. I want to know the Chain of Command he used. If he was put off or ignored then I also would have gone around the Chain of Command to save the lives of my men.OH WELL !!!!!

  8. You are really making the democrats look good with this B.S. evaluation. This man is a leader , his crew will follow him without doubt . Go polish the brass of these elitest idiots , who sit back ,out of danger , make all the money , and think there warriors can’t see what is happening .

  9. JA

    I totally disagree. He assessed the situation and notified higher-ups.

  10. Ray Bazil

    I disagree. The Navy is nothing if it doesn’t have contingency plans. What were the plans that were supposed to maintain the readiness of any ship in any circumstances. It seems apparent that the planning throughout the command is incomplete and needs to be re-examined. I worked for the Navy for 45 years and safety was essential to readiness. Everyone on a ship is indispensable or else they’re not there. The fact that the commander had to send any message tells me someone up the chain fumbled their job. I suspect a CYA scapegoat exercise is ongoing.

  11. It would be interesting to see how today’s military responds to an attack.

  12. Dear Patriots,

    Yes, I fully agree about firing Captain Crozier. He made a number of mistakes:
    1. He stopped the Navy ship In Vietnam, (off course?) letting his people out.
    2. He was panicking and made others panicking on the board of the ship.
    3. He wrote a very emotional letter which didn’t fit the circumstances.
    4. He was putting health issues above orders.
    5. He didn’t ask for orders but made his own suggestions. He is not in a position to do that.
    6. He contacted a higher forum than his immediate boss.
    7. He was careless about possible leaking.

    I think commanding this Navy ship might be too much stress for him.

    Regarding Acting Secretary Mr Modly, in my opinion, technically speaking, he was 100% right. He only made 2 mistakes:
    1. He reacted emotionally, making some very untactical comments about the captain.
    2. He didn’t make sure his commands will not be leaked.

    The fact that he apologized is very good; whether he should have resigned, I am not competent enough to decide.
    In every case, firing Captain Crozier comes before resigning himself.

    Thank you very much for your time!

  13. Rudy K




  14. Bill Schonauer

    What he did was point out the delays that always happen as no one in the chain wants to make the decision so it keeps getting bumped up meanwhile the problem gets worse. To quote Teddy Roosevelt, “Don’t wait for orders from headquarters, mount your horses and ride towards the cannon fire”.

  15. Julie

    I think this was purposeful attack from China bc of tariffs & USA opposing China takeover in world economics & politics. Plus China is steadily creating strategic “islands” in pacific. USA controls pacific, so what does that tell you? Crozier is either naive or stupidly complacent.

  16. I guess when you are desperate to show the top administrative persons are correct, you will use whatever specious argument you can.

  17. v

    I guess when you are desperate to prove top administrative people are correct , you will use whatever specious arguments you can

  18. N A

    YES ? and he should be COURT MARSHALED loose ALL RANK for foot ALL PAY and spend
    365 Years to LIFE in PRISON !!

  19. William Bradshaw

    William C. Bradshaw does not believe that Acting SecNav should have wasted the money to go to Guam (my understanding). He should not have been the one to fire the skipper since there exists a chain of command. One or two admirals would have been the appropriate one to “fire” him — not having the Acting SecNav making a stupid mistake.

  20. Rap Scallion

    He used his judgement to i form the higher ups about the crew infections, when nobody listened he went public! Sometimes you need to get the right people to listen…..He paid for the well being and protection of his men! He may have been reprimanded in private in the Navy, but not a public flogging by a TEMP SecNav!

    I am a vet and thinking more of letting Mr Trump paddle his own canoe now!

  21. Donald

    I can’t believe bobbygo0728 and Rap Scallion and I thank Patriots4truth for its well written contents. Rap, I am curious as to what kind of discharge do you have. Bobbyg0728 there is only one chain of command, one protocol as for communications and that is usually under classification and possible code. He is responsible for one of the Navy’s most powerful man-of-war. This was not a mission related threat, just a minor event. A ship this size has the population of a small city. Just like a city it is equipped and furnished for service or action with appropriate provisioning for the city’s mission. That means there’s thousands of lives doing jobs related to ship and its mission. Should an event happen that the ship is not equipped to handle, a virus, you don’t run to a port, without asking the advise of your superiors. The medical officer would probably recommend quaranting the virus area until headquarters decided what action to take. Yes it’s possible to lose a few crew-members, but as the Captain you are following protocol. If you had waited for instructions, even your superiors have to have time assess the situation,, you would not have lost your command. My last command was the USS Constellation (CVA-64), and it was not uncommon on six month deployments to lose shipmates, pilots and planes, sometime both. As patriots4truth mention at the start, these 4.5 acres are the most dangerous known to man.

  22. this whole situation may be part of the next agency op….Dr. Andrew Kaufman on YT explains the bogus testing going on which makes all the data fraudulent which means the Capt. knows it is another ‘false flag’ which is the real enemy. If that is not plausible why did he take his “prized sailors’ into harms way in Vietnam? Also who authorized him to give R&R in that port already infected…..poor judgment all around & I suspect Pres.T knew as well, so fire em all, let’s get BarryHussein for a third term & finish the “fundamental transformation” – into a Bananna Republic, comrade

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