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    The Obama administration along with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton conspired to take out the Middle Eastern leaders that resulted in the mass immigration into the EU and the USA. That was part of their plan to take down the governments of the EU and the USA to form a one world government.

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    The “Quid Pro Quo” disease is spreading like a pandemic.

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    David in MA

    Every muslim country and every muslim must be destroyed, or they will destroy the world.

  4. 4

    Lindita Rustem Macuku

    Sultan Erdogan is dangerous like Bin La den and Qaseem Soleimani All of the three are Obama’s palestinian cousins

  5. 5

    Lindita Rustem Macuku

    Europe is a smallest continent in the World who cannot have a space for refugees from the East

  6. 6

    Lindita Rustem Macuku

    Sultan Erdogan is the dangerous man after Buin La den and Qaseem Soleimani Sultan Erdogan doesn’t know that we are living in 2020 and not 600 years ago

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