Republicans: Don’t Let the Media Divide You

Republican Elephant Broken In Pieces

One of the more obvious political strategies of Democrats and their partisan allies in the national media is the effort to reduce the number of Republican voters.  They try to shame Republican voters.  You know, if you vote Republican, you are a knuckle-dragging Neanderthal imbued with every negative human trait.  You are a mesmerized cultist scheming to overthrow the American democracy.

They are trying to create a self-proving prophecy that all the “good” Republicans are abandoning the GOP in droves.  If we do not join the trend, we will be a powerless fringe of malcontents. (I can already hear my hopelessly biased left-wing readers agreeing with every ridiculously exaggerated description above).

The message from the Democrats, the left-wing media and the Republican crossovers is the same.  The Republican Party can only be saved by being defeated across the nation. The radical progressive slander is not just aimed at President Trump – as they initially alleged – it expanded to Republican leadership and now every person in America who identifies as a Republican.  They are trying to kill off the brand.

It does appear that the strategy of destroying the Republican brand has had some effect.  There has been a reduction in the number of voters registered as Republicans.  The gain has been among non-affiliated or independent voters. 

Folks have not been crossing over to the Democrats in any significant numbers, however.  The donkey Party remains in second place – behind the independents.  Based on those statistics, Republicans should already be incapable of defeating Democrats – especially when one considers the misplaced belief that independent voters lean left.  Based on election results, it appears that independents are increasingly voting conservative … Republican.  Certainly in sufficient numbers to produce Republican victories.

The retreat for the GOP label is partly due to the withering attack on Republicans by the elitist media giants on the two coasts.  Good people do not want to be accosted in public or hear themselves described with such negative terms.

The best evidence of independents leaning Republican is the gain the Party made in the 2020 election in the House and across the nation.  At a time the pundits were prophesying a big gain for Democrats in the House and the certainty of Democrats winning the Senate by 2 or 3 seats, the Republicans showed significant strength – gaining 15 seats in the House and holding the Senate to a tie.

It also showed that millions of Republican voters who did not cast their ballot for Trump still voted their more conservative values down the ballot.

Demonizing the 75 million folks who voted for Trump in 2020 is a very poor strategy – but appears to be the only strategy the left has in trying to stop what most pundits see as the GOP gaining control of the House – and maybe even the Senate.

While the media describes the entire Republican Party as a cult-of-personality, that is not the way the vast majority of GOP voters see themselves.  For most of the Republican voters, it is still the issues that will make the difference.   Yes, there is a base of 20-plus percent who like Trump, the issues and the personality.  They want to keep him as the leader of the opposition to Democrat radical progressivism.

But the majority of GOP voters will be considering the issues – and that is what scares the Hell out of the Democrats.  That is why they want to distract away from defunding police, illegal immigrations, higher taxes, reckless spending, the consolidation of more power in Washington and the Democratic Party’s trending to the far left.  They have had enough of the left’s view of America as a flawed nation.

Frankly, the only danger to the re-emergence of the GOP in the next couple elections comes for those in the GOP who will toss political hand grenades into the Party’s own foxholes.  There is no reason to attack former Vice President Pence or Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.  They have both been steadfast conservatives – having consistently delivered for the Party and the country.

Trump’s propensity to attack people who have been good Republicans and good conservatives is counterproductive to the future success of the Republican candidates.  This rule-or-ruin policy will only benefit the Democrats and the left.

The Republican political philosophy and agenda cannot pivot on Trump’s opinion of Republican officeholders and leaders.  On the fringe, there is an irrational loyalty to Trump. He is a significant force in the GOP – and that is okay – but he is not the personification of the Party.

I voted twice for Trump without admiring or liking his pugnacious personality.  I believe he, the GOP and the country would be better off if Trump was just a wee bit more considerate in his statements and less prone to engage in damaging intramural combat.  And … if Trump were to be the Republican nominee for President in 2024, I would still dislike his personality but would still vote for him rather than empower the radical far left.

A Republican victory in the coming years is more likely if most of the team coalesces behind the agenda that most Americans want.  In my opinion, those on the fringe who want to kick folks like Pence, McConnell and others out of the Party out of blind loyalty to Trump are no different than the class of conservative apostates who let hatred for Trump deliver them into the arms of the increasingly left leaning Democratic Party. 

Spleen-venting is no substitute for developing and implementing a rational strategy to advance the principles and programs in which we conservatives believe.  If you are not working for a Republican TEAM victory –because you hate Trump or because you love him –you are not a conservative.  You are not among those who sincerely want to make America great again.

Yes, we need to take on the Washington establishment – especially the growing power of the bureaucracy.  And yes, we need to fight against those who push America in the direction of top-down socialism.   But we must fight smart and with the biggest team possible. 

In watching Democrats and their media attempting to shatter Republican unity around core conservative principles reminds me of how the Russians and Chinese constantly attempt to sow discontent and division in America.  Principled conservatives and loyal Republicans must not let the left do that to us.

So, there ‘tis.

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4 Thoughts to “Republicans: Don’t Let the Media Divide You”

  1. Billy W

    The Media is now a part of the Communist left trying to take over from within as a famous communist stated we will destroy from within.

  2. Gary Fernett

    Inaction is not exceptable…as the old saying goes…lead, fellow or get out of the way…we as Americans will do whatever It takes to defend our constitutional rights in this country….so help with it or let someone else lead.

  3. Larry Bowling

    The democrats are scared to death that the voter fraud investigations are going forward and that there will be lots of illegal stuff uncovered, including who the guiding forces were that accomplished the election of Biden and company in the darkness of night in a number of states. The dems are using their buddies in the lib media to try and discredit everything that is being uncovered. The dems are also doing their best to distract those of us who want the truth to come out. Once again they use their media buddies to manufacture other false problems so we are not concentrating on the real issue of rampant voter fraud that occurred in 2020. WAKE UP AMERICA AND STAY ON TRACK BY USING YOUR VOICES AND COMMENTS TO KEEP ATTENTION ON THIS MATTER!

  4. Larry Bowling

    The dems are scared to death that their voter fraud scheme is being brought out into the open by those who are investigating it. They are using their media buddies to help them try to distract us from getting at the truth. WAKE UP AMERICA!

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