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    Jim Picanco

    I truly believe the number of Covid-19 deaths have been highly falsely reported..

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    This is totally ridiculous. It was a fall from a ladder. Just because he tested positive does not mean that’s what he died from. No wonder the tole is so high. I guess if you get hit by a car now it was covid that killed you. Too many people have false positives and/or not even tested and get a positive reading.

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    Janice Grover

    That is so very wrong just to jack up the stats on the covid virus. How many more have actually died for something that wasn’t Covid.

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    Don ward

    It’s all about money that the hospital is getting which isn’t correct. He may have well had it but makes no difference when your head is busted.

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    J. Jeffrey Zetto

    The issue is really the definition of “cause.” Aristotle (384-322 BC) listed four “causes” for everything. David Hume (1711-1776 AD) listed eight. To (avoid fancy philosophical distinctions (logomachy):
    1) The immediate biological cause (discovered in the autopsy) was COVID.
    2) The immediate physical cause was the fall from the ladder.
    3) The immediate volitional cause was the man’s willful failure to visit a physician.
    And we could go on from there:
    4) Perhaps poverty precluded the visit t the physician.
    5) Perhaps a previous negative experience with a doctor precluded the visit.
    6) Perhaps a lack of knowledge of or willful failure to follow OSHA regulations for workplace/ ladder safety contributed to his death.
    And then there are the questions of the correct and appropriate listing of causes for death. But then, as one person has written, “All death can ultimately and accurately be listed as heart failure.”

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    Was it a Chinese ladder he fell from?

    Sarc, for the fuzzy brained.

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    I don’t believe anymore in the thousands of cases that they said it was from COVID. If the hospitals received $30,000 from every person who has died, then who knows what really was the cause of dead? We are tired of the lies and we are tired of the media.

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