LAPD Cuts Sexual Assault and Homicide Divisions in Response to “Defund the Police”

The Sexual Assault Special Section and Robbery Homicide Division will be disbanded under the LAPD in Los Angeles, according to a memo that went out to the LAPD department personnel about the “unexpected Department budgetary crisis and shortfall.”

Dominic Choi, deputy chief of staff to Chief Moore, sent the memo. It said that the Chief of Police is “making significant and difficult changes to adapt to the current financial and personnel shortages.”

Additional Specialized Details will also be disbanded.

The Safer Cities Initiative, which primarily deals with homeless encampments in LA’s “Skid Row” area and the Homeless Outreach and Proactive Engagement unit, will also be cut.

The Burglary Special Section and Cargo Auto Theft Detail Commercial Crimes Division will also be cut.

The Animal Cruelty Task Force, Detective Support, and Vice Division will no longer be funded by the LAPD.

Pacific Area Beach Detail, Parks Tasks Forces, Robbery Homicide, Commercial Crimes, Metropolitan Division, Traffic Group, and Labor Relations Unit will all be downsized.

Existing vacancies will not be filled. The department will be using the Managed Attrition process to divert funds into “patrol and patrol-related duties.”

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10 Thoughts to “LAPD Cuts Sexual Assault and Homicide Divisions in Response to “Defund the Police””

  1. Judy

    Defunding the Police is leftwing communist insanity. Ofcourse the elite in Hollywood wont have to worry as they have private security. I only wish that the thugs and criminals figure out how to get to them. Afterall they have all the money. Let the rest of us alone.
    Oh and I bet after Defunding the Police California wants to abolish our second amendment rights and take away our guns. Since only the criminals need them. Good Luck with that Newsom.

  2. John

    How STUPID ,What a bunch of idiots !! You don’t DE-FUND THE POLICE

  3. All the departments that are being abandoned, defunded, etc are crucial ! What are they thinking? That Mayor and Governor need to be voted OUT. Get wise people!

  4. Roberto

    Its sad to see the collapse of a law and order society fall into the hands of a gang of corrupt people, thanks to those panhandlers and incompetents that voted for them. Those who fell for the mermaids song will pay dearly, they won’t be able to complain when they will be choked by those same people they voted for. I feel sorry for the rest that voted responsibly, which will suffer the attrocities of the barbaric government.

  5. Well people in California when you get raped you have no one to call and that’s exactly what they want because Hollywood all the actors are all sex traffickers look at this guy right here Epstein Was given under age girls for his birthday so you tell me they’re not sick goes so you guys won’t have anybody to call when you are held down and raped that’s what Joe Biden and Kamala Harris want If I was the police through the whole country I would just quit we’re going to go back to the cowboy days where we all carry guns and when someone tries to take them we’re gonna have shoot outs in the Mills streets thanks to Joe Biden and then did you see he’s preparing his son for a job crooked people

  6. My feeling is LA City Council is defunding police pension funds in the long run. To many promises made with someone else’s money

  7. Jerry

    Defunding the police, many necessary departments being cut, what next will have to be cut? I am a Veteran, I served my country when they needed me. I grew up respecting America because of their caring for everything good. I am 74 yrs oldI still love my country BUT for the first time in my life, I am so ashamed of what my country has become due to the actions of the hateful Demonc-rats. Obama, Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Hillary, Waters, the Squad and many Republican traitors have set a course to destroy this great nation. I pray to God to protect this great country from idiots on the far left. Start a recall vote to replace these people before they do so much damage that it will be to hard to repair the damage they have done.
    You may not like Trump but he kelp his promises and was doing everything possible to repair the damage of Obama and Biden even while the far left fought him every step of the way the last 4 years.

  8. What’s left of the department? Speeding tickets and directing traffic for broken lights? I don’t see what’s left of the departments.
    Everyone of you bastards who voted Democrat support this, so I hope you enjoy what you’ve voted for.
    The rest of us, who still have a brain, know the importance of the police, and we respect them, even though we get pulled over too. It’s called life and being a grown up
    Let’s see how long we last.
    Have you morons even read the plan for America Joe Biden plans to finish us off with?
    The articles can be found on another one of our friendly websites Google, who is responsible for moving 6million votes over in the election, just pull up Joe Biden’s Plan. Read all the brilliant ideas he has listed for restructuring every kind of business there is and note how each one has a union.
    Read how extreme the taxes are he will place upon us, because he loves us and wants unity so bad that he will talk in a whispered tone to encourage all of us who have been treated like shit for 4 years plus Obama’s 8 years, to unify and “come together.”
    And read about the gun laws and taxes. Be sure to educate yourselves on the “smart gun.”. No clue to what I’m talking about?
    When your house is broken into and the police no longer exist you’ll grab your “smartgun” and if it recognizes your fingerprints, you may shoot the gun.
    Hopefully your robber will be kind enough to wait for you to get permission to fire your own gun, besides you are the owner, and it is your right.
    Read his Gay & Lesbian plans, that ought to be right up your alley, you Sissy mf.
    Pretty soon you will no longer be able to buy gas, buy groceries, get doctor care, or see friends and family.
    Life will no longer be what it is today.
    You’re the idiots.
    The entire Democratic Party, the followers who voted Democrat, the news media, social media, big pharma companies, Obama, China, members of the house who are sworn by oath to protect the American people are all fascist pigs. Traiters, followers of Satan, burn in Hell.
    You don’t know what hunger is,

  9. commies have taken over,hope al you fuc***g ass holes that voted for this sh*t are the first to get robbed ,raped,mugged &murdered.FUC* all you stupid ass mothetrfuc****

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