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    Gail Wixson

    These people should leave the USA if they’re so unhappy with our country and laws. They probably would, if they weren’t making such an absorbent amt of money – stop employing these rabble rousers that aren’t happy unless they’re stirring the pot – reinforcing hate amongst white & color. Shameful behavior for someone that’s done way better then he should, for all the hate he’s caused.

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    Once again a has been is trying to make himself relevant. Just like Hollywood has beens are spewing hatred, Kaepernick wants attention, so it he takes up something so controversial that people on both sides get riled up. He doesn’t have a chance at a football career so he has to get attention some how. What a jerk.

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    I would expect nothing less form the likes of Kaepernick as the truth and facts do not matter to the left. Sad that with so many worthy causes the he choose this unworthy one to support.
    Speaks volumes to his character and morals or should I say lack there of.

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    Kaepernick needs to mind his own business, research the facts before speaking out. Racism is prevalent in this country and I will not deny that and we need to eliminate it across the board. What bothers me the most is the far leftist seem to propagate it even more through their actions. This is not the way to end racism.

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    Bob Borgstrom

    Thanks for your truthful articles. I just wish to stop even seeing Colin K’s name in print.

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    Dave Bradley

    I told Guido to take him to the train station.

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    Kaepernick should be arrested for inciting a riot.

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    In Donald Trump’s own words Kaepernick has the right to support any prisoner of his choice.
    It is not 100% certain that Abu Jamal was the one that killed the cop but for the sake of argument what if he did murder the cop in cold blood. White police officers have been murdering blacks in cold blood for decades and today it is even worse than the past. Moreover, the life of a police office is no more important than the life of anyone else. People are murdered every day in this country and the killers do not always get the death penalty nor life without parole. The killing of a police officer for whatever reason does not warrant a punishment excessive of what the killer would have gotten had it been any lay person. Kaepernick, God bless him simply wants to see justice in the name of race. Let’s not forget that Kaepernick is half white, his father a Moroccan black and he was adopted by a white family and grew up in a white home and environment which is why he has the balls to do what he does. Kaepernick is a saint.

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    He needs to crawl back into the hole from where he came from, and just STFU! Get your white-hating ass out of the headlines once and for all!!!!!

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    BILLY Simpson

    Kapershit will never look at the facts, he just wants to be in the spotlight ! Has been racist !

  11. 11


    Does pimple neck realize that he is totally irrelevant, nobody is listening to his crap.

  12. 12


    All I can say Kapperdick is you’re a troublemaker, racist, and a low life. The mere fact anyone would write anything, interview,or even acknowledge your presence is beyond me. You dont like it here then move..

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    Cathy Gorst

    Wonder what he tells his white parents at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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    Alice G Dixon

    Maybe he can get notoriety by claiming to be the ugliest man in the world. Because, well, he is!

  15. 15


    He’s trying to be relevant but, like all weirdos, will end up in the dustbin of history

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