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    As Germany goes, so goes Europe.

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    Was wollen denn die Deutschen mit diesem Quatsch !

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    Peter Lamar

    This is another example of the ongoing suicide of European civilization. Once a culture has rejected its history and religious traditions and origins, in this case Christian/Judeo theology, it is doomed.

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    Is Hitler still alive?

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    Oh boy, the Germans are really biting themselves on the ass now. Is this Angela Merkel’s last hurrah before her term us up? Why can’t this liberal European nations get their collective acts together? I’ll tell you right now, they can implement a pro migrant policy all they want, but the rank and file Germans want the fucking Muslims gone. They are nothing but disruptive and a total pain in the side.

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    We fight against you because you’re fuckin fascists!

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    Shades of Adolf…….

    I hope the right does not have to pay for it’s execution.

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