How Many Dead Voters Voted in Pennsylvania?

There are at least 21,000 dead people on the state of Pennsylvania’s voter rolls, according to an amended lawsuit filed on Thursday.

A lawsuit filed by the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) alleges that there are at least 21,000 dead people on Pennsylvania’s voter rolls. The lawsuit claims that Pennsylvania failed to “reasonably maintain” their voter registration records under federal and state law in time for the 2020 presidential election.

“As of October 7, 2020, at least 9,212 registrants have been dead for at least five years, at least 1,990 registrants have been dead for at least ten years, and at least 197 registrants have been dead for at least twenty years,” the lawsuit states.

“Pennsylvania still left the names of more than 21,000 dead individuals on the voter rolls less than a month before one of the most consequential general elections for federal officeholders in many years,” the lawsuit continues.

According to the lawsuit, about 92 percent of the 21,000 dead people on Pennsylvania’s voter rolls died sometime before October 2019. About 216 dead people show voting credits after federally listed dates of death in 2016 and 2018, the lawsuit alleges.

“This case is about ensuring that those deceased registrants are not receiving ballots,” PILF President J. Christian Adams said in a statement. “This case isn’t complicated.” He continued:

For nearly a year, we’ve been offering specific data on deceased registrants to Pennsylvania officials for proper handling ahead of what was expected to be a tight outcome on Election Day. When you push mail voting, your voter list maintenance mistakes made years ago will come back to haunt in the form of unnecessary recipients and nagging questions about unreturned or outstanding ballots.

In May, Pennsylvania election officials admitted that duplicate ballots were mailed out to registered voters. Likewise, Judicial Watch sued Pennsylvania for allegedly having 800,000 inactive voters on their state voter rolls.

The case was filed in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania. The case number is No. 1:20-cv-01905.

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8 Thoughts to “How Many Dead Voters Voted in Pennsylvania?”

  1. James Griffith

    This reminds me of Chicago, IL. I’m sure that my Mother, Father, Brother, my Mother-in-Law, Father-in-Law all voted in this election. They all lived in Chicago, IL and have been dead for many years.

  2. Jillane

    I am very angry at this years election, and the way the Democrates came out of the box with their fists up and throwing punches, telling lies and making all this kaos all year and blaming it all on President Trump!? I very much dislike Ms. Harris, she has been behaving like this was a Jr. High School election! I rrally believr she needs a mental evaluation, seriously! If we allow her into office to run this Country People! We are going to be in for a lot of trouble and we will for certain be laughing stock of the World! But maybe thats exactly what she was after all along! She isnt for this Country or anyone in it! Loom at what she wants to propose people!! Wake up please!! And she has to cheat and lie to win an election???!!! Come on people, is this truely what you want in the white house? I believe she should be tried for Treason!!! That’s what I believe, she is a horrible woman.

  3. William Berry

    How sad! Our country has become so corrupt! Not only will we have the leader of the Biden crime family as president, we our leaning towards Communism with KH sitting on his lap, SAD, SAD, SAD!


    Why isn’t this shared across the whole usa? I pray our President Trump will be correctly and fairly elected again!???

  5. Voldemort

    It is much larger than that there are videos of people manufacturing ballots in two counties. Explain to me how you find 20,000+ ballots for the same candidate. Impossible.

  6. This is why the democrats keep in for 28 yrs. before TRUMP and is getting away with a lot, the voting has been rigged by them for a long time because they get away with it !!!!!

  7. Well If they do elect the mentally challenged and his Broom stick riding companion! He can know from the start that no matter how loudly he claims this office! That He will NEVER be my President! And I will neve ever recognize him as such! He is DIRTY a LIAR And CHINA’S stooge! His whole family is corrupt! And the democraps CHEATED in every way! There is no possible way that a man as popular as President Trump Could be beaten so badly! Dead voters China sneaking Fake drivers lisc.’s an id’s into our country to screw up our election. And of course NO ONE doing one damn thing about it! You’ll never convince me it wasn’t rigged from the the day nasty nancy made the statement about using the army to make him leave the white ouse.

  8. We got 4 and we vote in person!!!!

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