Former Intelligence Office: The Odds

I’m a former intelligence officer.

No, I’ve never been involved in any CIA dirty tricks involving elections. But I do know the basic psychology and methodology of planning an op, how to work on the details, how to analyze the situation from different sides and how to game out how your opponents will be forced to proceed.

But let’s talk about the “odds” for a second. In this case, how likely is it that suddenly at 6 am in the morning, several elections would suddenly shift from Trump to Biden? That someone ahead by 4% points would suddenly be behind? Mathematically it is not all that likely in a race this close. And if it is true that 138,000 votes appeared, all for Biden, none for Trump, that is statistically less likely than having a leprechaun spontaneously materialize in front of you (even if you are not drinking…).

Vote fraud is fairly straightforward. You have a list of who is eligible to vote, you have a list of who has already voted. Simple enough. You have a bunch of blank ballots, pre-filled with the candidate of your choice. After the election is over, at 6 am while votes are still being counted, slip in a couple of extra boxes of votes from people who have not voted and you are good. 100,000 votes is an easy lift in a state-wide election.  You can plan this weeks in advance. And with modern technology, you could have the new votes sorted within minutes…

If I had full control of an election to the point where I could keep observers from the other side out until after the count was done, I could rig that election to the point where NO ONE would spot the fake votes. It would take YEARS to prove fraud, if ever.

How would you investigate this? You would have to take ALL of the vote information and investigate each individually, ask the voter if they voted and determine if their answer is credible. This is a messy and unreliable process, since the fraud may be in only one out of 100 votes. People forget, people don’t cooperate, people are hard to find, and of course, sometimes they are dead.

And, of course, if your cheating is successful, your candidate merely shuts down any investigation once he takes office.

Our friend, Larry Horist talks about the good ole days in Chicago, when election officials called up the precinct and said “Hey, I need another 545 votes from you” and they would magically arrive. And everybody knew.

Why keep the observers out? Because a sharp observer will keep his informal count of how many have voted from a particular precinct, and report those to his boss. The boss will keep an eye on the counts. If the count were suddenly inflated then there was a problem.

With mail-in votes, the kind that are not solicited, how difficult would it be to fill out some more and postmark them? It’s not like a postmark is tough to forge, nor would the ballots, even with the “watermark.” No ID required. If you are in charge of the election, just hold back the ballots of dead or unlikely voters, easy enough, if you can keep away the observers.

So what are the odds? Did magic happen for the Democrats that within the space of a couple of hours, with the last couple of percentage points of the vote being counted, that a hundred thousand vote shift occurred? (And why were those particular ballots from very heavy Democrat areas so delayed compared to the surrounding areas?)

Or is it more likely that a party that investigated for three years a report of Russian influence over the President they knew was fake because they generated it – a party who impeached the President over something their own candidate did – a party that played politics with the most deadly pandemic in 100 years …


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15 Thoughts to “Former Intelligence Office: The Odds”

  1. steve

    is it possible that there are more votes than registered voters

  2. I enjoyed reading this. Straight forward. The funny thing is that the left was pronouncing this exact situation would occur at least a month, maybe two before the election. hmm.

  3. Debbie

    Restore the Constitution!
    God Bless America!

  4. There is no way that Biden won legally. President Trump is the best thing that has happened to the US in many many years. The Dems should pray to GOD for forgiveness for all the hell they gave President Trump. Nancy Pelosi needs to hang her head in shame. But that’s the problem, she has no shame. She’s just a bitter OLD woman that nobody likes and she knows it. By the way, it was infuriating how the media were always calling biden “ vice president” . He hasn’t been vice president in years. Our Vice President’s last name is Pence! Well to all the coolade drinkers who voted for biden, get ready. You Will live to regret your vote when things go down the toilet. I hope you people are happy.

  5. I say we just hold the election all over again…… and have the MILITARY count the ballots!

  6. Bloomberg’s money went deeper the we thought it would this is a slap in the face of the American people and you can give your last dollar the good old Hillary bitch is behind this also she lost in 2016 after Deep State pumped money into getting her into office and then she was going to turn the control of the drug commission over to them and the funding of this plot started back in 1993 that’s right 1993 so now they want paybacks so enters Biden Harris and you guessed it Hillary Biden won’t be running the oval office it will be Harris and Hillary good luck with your rights from the out house because the White House will no longer exist

  7. I firmly believe now that I have read how the ballot counting has been handled, that
    Trump is the real winner. Not only because I voted for him, but just for the sake of
    honesty in our voting system. It is so easy to believe that a political party that has
    not recognized Trump from day one, would resort to this nefarious behavior.
    Whatever the outcome, I just hope Trump brings their dishonesty to light.

  8. Stephen M Robinson

    Stephen M Robinson: If anyone thinks this was a fair, above board, legal election I have some swamp land for sale for housing. These people are proven to be CROOKS, Biden, Harris, Clinton, Obama, Pelosi and you Democrats have been suckers for their BS.


  9. My wife and I received two voting ballots each in the mail. I shredded the ballots and we went to the polls to vote. We had to do a provisional vote. They told us it would be 5 to 7 days before our vote would be counted. We are PA residents. We were told by a poll worker,that received training, that the state had not sent them out before they had training. The state lied to them.

  10. Bridget Crepeau

    Sadly, I believe everything said by this “former intelligence officer”. Heartbroken over the crass and unforgiveable party that sees winning as the only goal, no matter how they get there. Honor and integrity gone. I have lost most of my belief in politicians and even parties, even mine. They have watched and ignored. The one I most admire, Trey Gowdy, left because he couldn’t stomach what he saw.

  11. Texas Tea Partier

    The strategy of the left has always been to figure out what they are going to do to cheat, then accuse the other side of it well in advance. I have often said that they look in the mirror in the morning and determine all their criminal flaws, then go public accusing the other side of those same criminal enterprises.
    If caught, they simply launch investigations with hand picked investigators that slow walk the investigation until the investigators declare that nothing is extraordinary. All skate free.
    The rule of law is now consistently circumvented.

  12. Paul

    Oh, what did Nancy Pelosi say? “NOTHING IS OFF THE TABLE”?

  13. You are all right , and i agree they should revote in those states , but here is the question why did they change the software the night be for the election just in those key states ? it was not changed in my state ! And here all mail in ballots must be notarized or they do not count .

  14. Laura

    I believed Tara Reade and could NOT vote for Biden. Voter Fraud in this election has been blatant, pervasive, and obvious. The propaganda arm of the jack-ass party (the MSM) has gone out of its way to cover for these corrupt thieves. Rather than another election run, I suggest putting in place not just term limits, but a law that forces the side committing voter fraud to forfeit the election plus a mandatory 20 year jail term for the candidate and organization including his/her lawyers. Let’s stop this crap! I am sick of having my vote stolen! And yes, like Larry Horist who used to, I live in Illinois where we have never had an fair and honest election in my lifetime.

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