Is Russia Preparing for World War 3?

In yet another escalation of forces between allies of the United States and Russia, live fire exercises are being performed from Russia in the same area and at the same time as NATO military drills led by Ukraine and the United States. Coming after the recent weeks Russian military drills dangerously close to Hawaii in the Pacific, the meeting between Putin and Biden and threats on the potential fall of U.S. world dominance, the new military exercises reported today come at a time when tensions between nations couldn’t be higher. Fears of a breakout of World War 3 like scenario haven’t been this high since the end of the Cold War, as militaries around the globe continue preparations for potential conflict. 

In reporting from Reuters today, the Black Sea surrounding the area of Crimea in the Ukraine is where the drills on both sides are being conducted. The Sea Breeze drills, led by the United States and the Ukraine with allied forces from NATO, come after Russia fired warning shots and dropped bombs in the path of a British warship a few days ago. The action was intended to keep British forces out of the disputed waters, with Russia claiming the territory around the Ukraine and Britain refusing to acknowledge the claim.

Sources from London seem to not recognize the account of the events, but Russia maintains its account from the day on the warning. Moscow has called for all drills in the area to be suspended and the Russian Defense Ministry says it will react to any action to safeguard national security if necessary. Despite the declaration, the Sea Breeze drills continued forward. The exercise involves around 5,000 NATO & ally personnel with around 30 warships and 40 aircraft. 

Putin gave a statement yesterday on the chance of the events leading to a breakout of war, downplaying the capabilities of the United States and ally forces, saying that, “Even if we had sunk that ship, it would be hard to imagine that it would put the world on the brink of World War III because those who do it know that they can’t emerge as winners in that war, and it’s very important”.

Putin continued, saying that, according to Fox News, “The world is undergoing a radical change. Our U.S. partners realize that, and that’s why the Geneva meeting took place. But on the other hand, they are trying to secure their monopolist stance, resulting in threats and destructive action such as drills, provocations and sanctions”. He spoke during a 4 hour interview with ‘Direct Line’, using the time to puff up his own nation’s efforts and his own leadership while demeaning and taunting the U.S. for their actions towards defense readiness. 

Dimitri Trenin, director of the Carnegie Moscow Center, warned that actions in the Black Sea could risk potential conflict in the area, “This would almost inevitably lead to clashes and casualties, which would carry the risk of further escalation. Should this happen, Russia- NATO confrontation would deteriorate literally to the point of brinkmanship, a truly bleak scenario”.

Putin’s claims that the U.S. and NATO know that they would not be able to win a war with Russia come as mere tough talk from the Russian President, looking to give an impression of confidence to his people during the televised event. Regardless, the Sea Breeze drills are continuing forward as the United States and its allies train and prepare for a potential World War 3 or any future events to come.

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