Wishing Bernie well … and farewell

I sincerely extend my best wishes to Bernie Sanders for a speedy recover from his heart attack and stent operation.  The operation is not all that serious – although underlying causes can be.  The only delay in getting back to full activity is waiting for the incision into the artery near the groin to heal.  These days it does not qualify as major surgery.  It can often be done as an outpatient procedure.

How do I know that?  I have more than a half dozen of those little devices in my body.  Anymore and they will send me to the metal scrapyard when I die.

The fact that Sanders suffered a “mild heart attack” makes a difference.  Such heart attacks are not a grim foreboding of a limited future.  Many people – me included – had had them. So, from what we know, Sanders should be okay.  But this medical emergency is have an effect.

The outlook for his political future is not so optimistic.  For months, he and Elizabeth Warren had been running neck-and-neck for the leadership of the progressive Democrats – which currently make up a majority in the party.  Once that happened, I have long predicted that the Biden lead would vanish. And so, it has.

Sanders has been slipping for several weeks (not referring to his fall in the shower that required a few stitches).  For the far left, the choice will be which of these two candidates – Warren or Sanders – has the best chance to beat Trump. The momentum is moving in Warren’s direction.

She appears to have three advantages over Sanders.  She is a woman.  That appeals to the progressives.   As much as they love the old curmudgeon, he is still an old white male – a political breed as unpopular with those on the left as the billionaires Sanders attacks so much.

The second advantage Warren has is that, despite the fact that she and Sanders are identical twins in terms of the issues, her I-have-a-plan-for-everything has been far more effective as a campaign pitch than Sanders’ I-hate-billionaires drone.

The third advantage is age and energy.  For sure, Warren – at the age of 70 —  is not a spring chicken.  But she performs on stage – and off – like the Energizer Bunny.  It seems to be a presidential campaign affectation since she has been more sedate in her senate campaigns.  It is her way of drawing a comparison to the two old men she hopes to defeat – Sanders and Biden.

Both Sanders and Biden would hit their 80s in the first term.  Warren would never hit 80 during a two-term tenure.  In fact, Warren would be about the same age as Sanders is today AFTER serving two terms in office.

Though not life threatening, Sanders stent operation shows that he has Coronary Heart Disease.  Most old folks do.  He is a reminder that the odds against being alive, healthy and – most importantly –functional for the next nine years is not very good.  Very few people survive their 80s – and even fewer retain physical and mental facility sufficient to maintain an active lifestyle.

Most people understand that – and that is why Sanders’ stent operation is likely to cost him votes and continue his downward slide.  Warren is likely to pick up those votes and use them to overcome Biden’s current lead.

It is not a matter of how they perform today, but how they are likely to perform in the future.  Former President Jimmy Carter put it bluntly – declaring that 80 is too damn old to be President.  Sanders’ operation is a warning flag – and it points the issue in Biden’s direction as well.  With more than a year to go until the 2020 General Election, I would not be surprised to see another one or two “health scares” for Sanders or Biden.

So, there ‘tis.

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6 Thoughts to “Wishing Bernie well … and farewell”

  1. Who ever the demon-rats (democrats) put up to run for president they have no way in hell of beating Trump. They are a bunch of unqualified clowns trying to destroy America and take away making America great again for socialisum communisum not going to happen.

  2. Wenda

    I’ll be glad to see Bernie go. For a guy who hates rich people, it is notable that he did NOT give away the million dollars he made last year. And that’s just one of the inconsistencies in his message. I’m just tired of listening to him.

  3. I guess I’m not a good person. I was in hopes he’d have a long pain filled death. One less socialist in our country.

  4. It’s to bad that they couldn’t make a MAN out of him !! Because he hasn’t got the GRAPEFRUITS to be a MAN ! He’s only a LITTLE BOY with a BIG MOUTH .

  5. Paul Fishman

    Sanders influence for sure is waning also with Corn Chowder Biden’s as well. Elizabeth Warren is the new tyrannical extremist who has a chip on her should like Wicked Hillary to come against NOT only President Trump but the whole of the American People as well. She has progressive plans to raise taxes on the rich and even worse on the middle class. Only those at or below the poverty line will be spared. She also will restrict voting rights for America citizens. She will demand they vote Only the Democratic Party line or be subpoena in court to pay high fines and jail time for voting GOP and Independent. She has the ambition to give non-citizens much more rights and influence to vote in American elections to fulfill Obuma’s previous globalist agenda for America. Elizabeth Warren will either greatly restrict or abolish the Constitution incrementally and centralize the division of powers of the Government for an oligarchy. She will expand the Abortion Rights on demand making it the only way Capital Punishment of the State to be possible for the Unborn and no more for adult criminals. She will impose the LGTBQ agenda to supercede the right of faith, worship and practice. There are many more policies Elizabeth Warren as a progressive will impose as a brutal dictatorship going beyond a Constitution Republic and a Democracy.

  6. N ext time Bernie should go to take care of his health in Cuba The country that Bernie is in love since 1960

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