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    Is this person a democrat? Sounds like something they would come up with.

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    I wish this could be shared to FACE BOOK… I BELIEVE…

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    M. C. Shapiro

    I know people who have mingled with them in Maine and northern New Hampshire. In the cold climes they are much deeper under the earth surface where they create a desert climate that is more conducive to their home planet. They will stay in their artificial environment until our surface global warming is sufficiently complete creating vast areas of desert on every continent. Our human form will have died off by then, and they will take over the surface. Once on the surface they will initiate a massive fertility cycle, growing in numbers to some 2/3 Billion units as an upper limit. They will rebuild our infrastructure to accommodate their needs and keep images of our world for their historical records. That’s what they are creating now by the use of what we call UFOs to map our land masses, evaluate our natural resources and photograph what think are our greatest achievements, e.g. the stunning skyscrapers of the Persian Gulf, the levitating trains of China, the bridges and tunnels throughout the world that depict our highest degree of technology and engineering craftsmanship. But don’t worry, it is highly unlikely that you will be around to ever encounter one or them.

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    I believe we are not alone. I have seen a ufo hover below our tree line where I live. It had different color flashing lights. A family member that maybe it was a satellite, but by morning it was gone and came back that night. We have never seen it again.
    One day driving home from grocery store, I pulled over because in the western sky there was a ball of light in front of darkened because the sun was in behind the clouds. I took some pictures of it, however, my daughter’s friend crashed my computer.

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    My husband worked for the military out in California by nasa. He knew every aircraft in history. We had gone to universal studios Hollywood and he was on the set for Star Trek. We would watch the humble space telescopes and I got a chance to see nasa and fly the simulator. I got a chance to see the first space shuttle be made. But one night during a metier shower we did indeed see a space ship. My husband said none of the military planes he knew could do what that ship did. I had grown up seeing the good year blimp and seeing all the planes at Wright Patterson. My grandfather would tell me about wild blue yonder which was about a time machine. While in Hollywood we were on the set to back to the future. The towers hadnt fallen yet but the movie predicted the fall of the towers and my husband was bust reading Nostradamus. Weirdly he also watched a cartoon the Simpsons which predicted president trumps election. Yes I believe in UFOs. I also know there’s a pyramid in mexico that has something to do with ufos. The year I was out in the desert in Mojave’s there was also the mirage of three crosses appearing in the sky around princess diana passing. There was like a million stars in the sky that night of the metier shower. Also there are lots of Tony’s all around us. Some of these robots look like people. Robots answer our telephones. Some are machine some are part Android I guess you would say. I don’t know I’m just a human and very human but me by saying I believe in UFOs is enough to get me locked up in South Carolina. But I did know about the skink works. My x husband would talk about it all of the time . And my son when most children are wanting to be a fireman or a doctor has always wanted to go to mars. Like he thinks he can just take a shuttle and go there. If he ever runs away from home it would probably be to nasa joining one of their space programs. I got him a mini robot last year for Christmas that you raise and program. He’s a different kid most kids you buy a puppy. Strange. You can get the robots from Amazon. It takes batteries not puppy food.

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    James Fielding

    Pretty wild but once again, evidence?Many cell phones today, pics should be everywhere. ASSUMPTIONS ARE NOT FACTS, THEY ARE ASSUMPTIONS. ALL I KNOW IS, d.c. IS UNDER A TERRORIST ATTACK AND ALL OF THEM ARE SLEEPING. EXACTLY LIKE PEARL HARBOR, 911.

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    Victoria J. Kidd-Cromis

    This is not a surprise to me. To paraphrase Jack Nicholson’s movie character, “You can’t handle the truth!” The vast majority of the population would absolutely freak out if they knew the whole truth about the ETs: where they are from, what they look like, WHY they are here, what they are doing while here, etc…….. An ancient name for them was the Watchers. I think that is still true; they are watching humanity. We are not sufficiently advanced enough for them to allow the general population to learn about them. We are still children on the playground, bullying each other. Until the whole earth is united I doubt that we will be allowed to leave our solar system. We don’t have that technology anyway but they do or they wouldn’t be here. Besides, the ETs have been here for thousands of years. Study the mythology of any ancient society. It doesn’t matter if it is Middle Eastern, South American, Asian, take your pick. All mythology has a grain of truth. We are not alone. We have never been alone.

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