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    This was bound to happen when workers DEMANDED exorbitant amounts of money to be employed there. This will eliminate more jobs and put more people into the unemployment lines (and dependent on “big brother”) just like the DEMOCOMMUNISTS want so they can enact more CONTROL and POWER over everyone’s lives, and keep them firmly on their “plantation”. BTW using these “kiosks” will be yet another way to “track” what and how much you are buying, as well as taking a photograph of you while you are running your purchases through these machines. (just like the banks do when you use an ATM.)
    More invasion of OUR privacy.

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    that is a STUPID MOVE, what EINSTEIN though this up, ??? Well if it happens, I’ll go to my smaller grocery store and fine my other items on line are some other store. Cut you own throats walmart, and when you have no more business and are running in the red, and the BIG SHOTS have fill their pockets to over flowing of money, remember the einstein of the board that came up with this, but by them he will have alread left the building and living of the skim he created.

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    Ernest Lane

    This will work. At the Wal-Mart I go to, there a whole lot of self-checkout stations and only a few with clerks. The self-checkouts are always full, the manned checkouts are not.

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