Walmart looks to remove all cashiers from stores

Walmart is testing a store that will only offer self-checkout.

The retailer is removing cashiers and standard conveyor belt lines at one of its popular superstores in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Workers will still be available to help customers who have trouble doing the checkout themselves.

Depending on the success of the test run, Walmart could expand the program to more stores.

The retailer recently launched a touch-free payment system also aimed at helping mitigate the spread of the coronavirus.

Health officials ordered the closure of a Walmart in suburban Denver in April after three people connected to the store died after being infected with the coronavirus and at least six employees tested positive.

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37 Thoughts to “Walmart looks to remove all cashiers from stores”

  1. Cliff

    This was bound to happen when workers DEMANDED exorbitant amounts of money to be employed there. This will eliminate more jobs and put more people into the unemployment lines (and dependent on “big brother”) just like the DEMOCOMMUNISTS want so they can enact more CONTROL and POWER over everyone’s lives, and keep them firmly on their “plantation”. BTW using these “kiosks” will be yet another way to “track” what and how much you are buying, as well as taking a photograph of you while you are running your purchases through these machines. (just like the banks do when you use an ATM.)
    More invasion of OUR privacy.

  2. I will not shop in a store that has all self-check out. I do not work for Walmart and will not participate in their “experiments” to get rid of cashiers. I like the interaction with the cashiers as I am checking out.

  3. Do not allow this to happen. They will laid off workers save money and those savings will not be passed onto consumers. That happened to the tolls, no savings for us, tolls triple. Waldmart is a billionaire Corp. Please demand a cashier I do every time

  4. Bill

    Walmart, corporate greed at it’s finest!

  5. margie becker

    you need cashiers the check yourself out is where i always see stealing this is not a good idea

  6. that is a STUPID MOVE, what EINSTEIN though this up, ??? Well if it happens, I’ll go to my smaller grocery store and fine my other items on line are some other store. Cut you own throats walmart, and when you have no more business and are running in the red, and the BIG SHOTS have fill their pockets to over flowing of money, remember the einstein of the board that came up with this, but by them he will have alread left the building and living of the skim he created.

  7. We spend several hundred dollars at Walmart’s every month.
    If they go to no cashier system in the store we shop in we’ll never
    spend another cent at Walmart’s.

  8. Sandy Litz

    Then I will not be shopping anymore if it happens here. I used to do all my shopping at Walmart , then I cut down because of self check out I grocery shop at Food Lion now. I will find somewhere they have checkouts. I have severe asthma and it is very hard for me to check myself out. You are ruining America. How many people are you putting out if jobs?

  9. Melba

    You take out cashiers and replace with self checkouts, I for one will not be shopping there anymore. That’s ridiculous! People need jobs and we like the lines, makes good for making new friends and I know Sam Walton wouldn’t agree with all self checkouts. He was a people person. I know because I met him twice.
    It will hurt your business. We’re not all millennials you know. There’s still a few of us old folks around.

  10. Are they lowering their prices since people now have to check themselves out. I hate self checkouts. I know a ton of people think they are great. However when you have an item that won’t ring up or machine malfunction it isn’t fun Give me a knowledgeable cashier.

  11. Corruptionhater

    Now I have the fourth reason not to shop at Walmart the unsuper store!

  12. Corruptionhater

    Now I have the fourth reason not to shop at Walmart the unsuper store! Admin, if we have to keep doing a stupid kindergarten capcha, then you are not worth us making comments

  13. Bonnadee

    The stores that insist on having self-checkouts and eliminating all checkout clerks should be reducing purchasing prices for the customers.

  14. That is when I stop shopping at Walmart. I am old and not tech savy.

  15. Paul

    If you get rid of the cashiers you’ll be getting rid of employees that need these jobs I will never go to Walmart again..

  16. Michael

    Don’t bring self-check out to Texas. I wont shop at a store that only has self check. I don’t get paid to do that.

  17. Nina McGee

    I will not shop at any WalMart that does not have a cashier to check me out. Or ot pay me to check myself out, a percentage off what I am buying. I am not shopping at WalMart as much because other stores are offering me more and better services. (Fareway and Aldi)

  18. Josey

    Walmart has stated that they loose more to employee theft than they do to shoplifting. I suppose this move will remedy that issue, however with no human at the check out one can only guess how much more they will then loose to shoplifting? Then we have the issue of stores placed in areas of high unemployment, eliminating jobs in those areas seems like a bad move, then expect the population to buy in your store, can’t see that lasting for very long.

  19. I like shopping at Walmart but i will NOT Shop there if they remove Cashiers. The loss of Jobs for American people is just outrageous>>>And Walmart should certainly reconsider doing This..Im pretty sure that People will Boycott Walmart if they do this…

  20. will not shop there if this happens ,why should they put people out of a job. Wallmart has a MANOPOLY on some CITIES AS THINGS ARE NOW. hIGHLY DISAPPROVE.

  21. Larry

    I will stop shopping at walmart

  22. I will not shop at Walmart

  23. JerryDV

    They’ll need to replace cashiers with an equal number or more security personnel to check the register tape to the items on the carriage. Slower checkout or slower departure from the store…take your pick. Automated checkout isn’t the panacea it’s crapped up to be. They’ll still need employees to help with people who don’t know how to use the machines.

  24. Ernest Lane

    This will work. At the Wal-Mart I go to, there a whole lot of self-checkout stations and only a few with clerks. The self-checkouts are always full, the manned checkouts are not.

  25. russell

    after all of these years dealing with walmark do that and you well loss my 1000 to 1500 a month

  26. Cindy Lou Who

    This is indeed full ahead stupid. The store I shop at now has the self-checkout version, and I refuse to play with them. I prefer to interact with real human beings. And this rot about the COVID-19 is a lot of propaganda. It is no more deadly than the yearly flu. What it really is about is a test to see how many of your constitutional rights you are willing to give up.

  27. I really don’t car that I get photographed or watched in Walmart or any other place. I feel its an invasion of my privacy all driven by the extreme left wing Democrats but there is not much I can do about it if we can’t even enforce laws protecting historical events and statues around out nation. To me ever person defacing, damaging, or destroying such should be arrested, tried, and either heavily fined, caused to clean up the graffiti, or go to prison at labor for an appropriate amount of time. It is one thing to protest, but quite another another to go into full blown destruction. If we eliminate all the past reminders of where we came from how do we know where to go afterwards? The extreme left can be “trusted” to tell us where to go that’s for sure. Wal Mart is but a symptom of what is happening in American today. Our nation is ripe to collapse from within just as other nations or powers have after 250-300 years because of the decadent behavior of the citizens and being driven by those with no values, morals, or conscious.

  28. If they are thinking it will save time and be faster thru the self-checkout, forget it. I was led once to a self-checkout with full basket. The Staffer left me there with no instructions. The bagging process slowed me down even more. You scan your item and small counter requires you to bag immediately. I slowed everyone behind me because of my 30 something items. Self-checkout if fine for a few (under 10) small items but is not made for gallons of milk, large TP bags, multi paper towel packages and so on. This was not thought out well by Walmart people. Maybe the Board of Directors need to go to the store and observe for more than a few minutes. They need a full Saturday observation!


  30. Mary Kaiserman

    I currently refuse to use the self check out stands for the reason that it does take jobs away. If they make their stores completely self check out, I will stop shopping at WalMart completely.

  31. Pam Culbert

    Will not be shopping at Walmart any longer. I am tired enough when I get there much less to have to ring up my groceries. I don’t feel like standing and in one place to do this.

    I will go some place that bags my groceries and helps me out to the car.

    Also, what about all the people who will lose their jobs at Walmart? How dirty? How inconsiderate?

    Lost to your selfishness!

    Pam Culbert

  32. What’s next with Walmart?? I suppose Walmart will be telling the customers to stock the shelves for them. My family and I saw what Walmart was up to about a year ago and we quit shopping at Walmart entirely. What we have found is by shopping at other outlets we have saved a little money. Walmart has played a game on the customer for some time now. One item may be a few cents cheaper but they make it up by raising prices on other items. What the public may not know is Walmart has a HUGE warehouse (about two blocks square) in China where they use the CHEAP labor and pass the transportation cost on to the American customer. Don’t take my word here. Just try shopping at other outlets for a little while and see for your self what Walmart has been doing to you. SAM WALTON must be rolling in his grave.

  33. I despise the self check outs. I think it sucks that Walmart are letting the cashiers go . They will maybe draw unemployment for awhile then have to look for a job elsewhere. I like being checked out by a human. I like human interaction.

  34. I will patronize stores that have cashiers. Walmart’s are shooting themselves in the foot. Walmart hopes to achieve a larger profit margin by letting cashiers go . The cashiers will be on unemployment for awhile then have to find another job.I think it sucks myself. I like to be checked out by a human and I like human interaction.

  35. I despise the self check outs. I think it sucks that Walmart are letting the cashiers go . They will maybe draw unemployment for awhile then have to look for a job elsewhere. I like being checked out by a human. I like human interaction.

  36. Eli

    It’s disappointing, because half the time we’ve tried self, check outs, we run into issues. If shopping by yourself with a lot of groceries, they will have to have the rotary bags accessible, otherwise, all the groceries are piled up, and someone can grab them off the end of the belt, before you can get past paying and bagging them yourself. It’s a slow process, scanning, bagging, paying, and frustrating, when you have people waiting with smirky faces. It’s like those push button cars. By the time you turn around from the gas pump, the doors unlock. Then someone is standing next to your car on the other side, who opens the door, and grabs what they want. It happened to a friend. You have to watch your back.

  37. Connie

    Cliff, exorbitant amounts of money to work at Walmart? I’ve been there over five years and I make $11.44 an hour. I certainly wouldn’t call that exorbitant money! Walmart is notorious for paying peanuts, as well as for keeping most of their employees as part-timers so they don’t get benefits. People struggle to have a place to live and buy food working for Walmart where I live. For me it doesn’t matter, I am retired from a New York City job and just have a little part-time job, but for younger people whose livelihood is there, it’s not good. And it’s not a matter of people getting better jobs. Outside of the big major cities in the country, these are the jobs that people can get. There are no big office buildings like in New York City where I used to work. There are no massive construction jobs. Homebuilding perhaps but that requires limited amounts of employees compared to what they would need building a skyscraper in New York City.

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