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    Statesman Patriot

    MSM is siding with Chinese Commies on Covid19 propaganda as well.
    Perhaps the MSM needs to be investigated as spies???????

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    America disappointed!
    Oliver Stone receives 7 years for allegedly lying to the democrats about a fake claim the democrats made up by the Clintons to try a coo against President Trump and the American people.
    A treasonous immigrant naturalized citizen actively spies for China while an active traitor only gets 4 years!
    This is why demcrazies belong in jail their treason to all true Americans is even worse than the Chinese spy! To betray your country for greed and power thru lies, fake news and censorship via the media by preaching opinion other than news and unfair one sided views bombarded upon Americans without equal non partisan views being allowed and in most cases suppressed
    Shame on you!

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    James Cooke

    It is time to remove all Chinese Comunists from this country. This includes their organizations and contacts. All Chinese people in our Universities and Industries shoild return to their Mother country. Especially their reporters and other media people. We are unofficially at War with the Chinese Communists and our Government should respond accordingly.

  4. 4


    He should have been charged with TREASON!
    Four years of imprisonment and a $30,000 fine is a slap on the hand.
    This young man became a naturalized citizen and has committed an act of espionage……which is the same as TREASON………..something that should still be on the laws with the penalty of being sentenced to death. A military FIRING SQUAD would be capable of handling this task for the U.S. Government.

  5. 5


    😳 this is less tim than Trump associates are serving for being innocent of any crimes!!!!

  6. 6


    😳 this is less time than Trump associates are serving for being innocent of any crimes!!!!
    WTFU America!

  7. 7


    Not nearly harsh enough. When does this become espionage? And when is his execution?

  8. 8

    Robert Elliott

    Im m hoping the virus fixes our homeless and borderjumper problems.

  9. 9


    4 years is nowhere near enough. Since he is a natural citizen of the U.S., he should have been tried for treason, convicted and hanged.

  10. 10


    After 4 short years of imprisonment, he should be stripped of his US citizenship and deported to his beloved China. With the anti-China sentiments running high, may it be his body that’s shipped back to China.

  11. 11


    He should be stripped of his US citizenship and deported after incarceration.

  12. 12


    I say execute him!

  13. 13

    Mike Fredicksono

    Send his commie ass back to Being! I’m sure there are more of these communist scumbags marauding as naturalized citizens! Timr to get a lot tougher on china! Stop all trade with them and all travel! Quit pacifying the ccp!!!

  14. 14


    Why did this Chinese Spy get only 4 years in prison (which he won’t completely serve)? Why not the death penalty? Or at least Life?

  15. 15

    Jim S.

    Keep Bringing them in you IDIOT’S.

  16. 16

    N A

    They should have HUNG the S.O.B and feed him to the SHARKS !!

  17. 17

    John Flynn

    The DemoRATS will sink America
    Let’s put the Swamp rats in GITMO

  18. 18


    Mainstream Media should publish it!

  19. 19


    wow!4 whole years and $30,000 fine. That’s America for you. Should have gotten at least 40 years and $3,000000 fine. I’m sure he must have made that from China. Look what Biden son
    made and he wasn’t even a spy.

  20. 20


    I hope they give this jerk a little tuff love in prison and throw away the key. He’s a POS! This is what we get when we let everyone into the United States! Let them stay home…..

  21. 21


    He is probably a registered Democrat

  22. 22


    That’s Bullshit he should have been convicted and sent to prison for the rest of his life or executed for selling us out to the communists bastards. Must have been a demonrat judge that handed that sentence out and was probably defended by pencil neck Adam pencil neck Shits!! what a joke better people got more time than a traitor to the U.S.

  23. 23


    Maybe all GOPs need to be executed. They lie and don’t care about this country. Keep your head up Trump ass while this country goes to hell.

  24. 24


    I ask when is his EXECUTION , he needs only to spend time in jail until they can hang his sorry ass.

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