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    Thank you POTUS Trump for a job well done! . . . what’s going on in Washington because of what you do is BETTER than a SITCOM – VERY Entertaining. One Happy Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

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    Flynn and Stone did not cooperate and had their sentences commuted. Cohen cooperated and is in jail. Just, justice can be purchased from Donald Trump!

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    Mr. Stone was on DC talk radio this am, we have more to fear about a corrupt judge and juror. Their twitter and facebook accounts spell out their biases and hatreds….The man says they manufactured information to make it into something it wasn’t. I’m hoping he sues, the average american doesn’t have the money or clout to fight those with more power than we do….

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    It sure is wonderful to have a president that doesn’t back down from what he believes is right. It must be tiring to stand against so many Democrats and Republicans who don’t have the integrity and honesty to stand for what is right.

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    If you followed the whole Stone trial several glaring facts surfaced: the jury was biased, THE JUDGE WAS BIASED!, the facts the prosecution used was not based on true facts because conveniently, the person who would have exonerated him would have been Julian Assange who was never called to testify because our justice system considers Assange to be a traitor, but WAS HE? and the DNC never let the FBI seize their computers to check out the facts properly, and finally, just like the lies of Russiagate used to smear Trump, the corrupt FBI created bogus charges. So there you have the Deep State takeover fiat complete! Thank God Trump did what he did!

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    Don McCarty Jr

    it is amazing at the amount of turmoil over this pardon of roger stone by President Trump! where were all the little republican rino and democrat twatwaffles when obama was pardoning all the asshats he pardoned.

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    Who will pardon Pelosi when she is found guilty of voting fraud and siding with BLM rioting and destroying our nation’s monuments?
    Trump 2020
    If Democrats can release Prisoners who are, sex offenders , murders, illegals and drug cartels I think it would be a crime to keep a citizens in prison with virus felons . Did Stoned lie to protect his family or was he attacked by Democrats who were trying to take down Trump. Just like Flynn’s case

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