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    Biden has it in the bag with a big lead so he doesn’t need to knock on doors. besides, he can’t come out of the basement!

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    Biden campaign doesn’t need to knock on doors, they already have a plan to massively cheat during the 2020 election by massively stuffing the ballot boxes like Brenda Snipes did in West Palm Beach Fl., sending in illegal votes via US mail that they have already had manufactured and are currently filling out, and by suppressing or turning away through intimidation the Republican voters in Democratic Cities like they did in 2016.

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    “Sleepy Joe” is ASLEEP at the WHEEL . . . and he’ll lose the election – And him and his SUPPORTERS know it. Like they say in SPORTS . . . ” If you can’t be an ATHLETE, be an ATHLETIC SUPPORTER”. One ENLIGHTENED and LAUGHING Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

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    Covid be damned…I will not vote for a person who I think is demented and is losing what few marbles he had to begin with. Creepy Joe had to cheat to get the nomination and I will not vote for a cheater either. Now that the man is nothing more than a puppet for the Deep State is what I find absolutely terrifying. I hope that Trump wins his re-election bid or this country will go so far left there may not be anyway to come back from the brink.

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