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    Bill Louthan

    Trump has done an Amazing Job for his 1st term We need to MAGA by re-electing Mr. Donald Trump. for a 2nd term
    I’ve had his sign in my yard for about a year already. And I wear my Make America Great again cap everywhere. I’m 71 and think he’s the best President we have had that I remember.
    Remember………. MAGA

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    Biden’s brains are jello. His puppeteers have they’re work cut out for them. Trump will you know, THE THING!! SMASH the senile PERVERT!!!

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    Actually that’s true. Biden hasn’t accomplished anything in his life time of being a politician, other then living off the taxpayers.

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    Michelle Tushnet

    Biden is so not mentally able to lead anyone!!!!!
    We all see that boat has sailed. I think it is cruel and mean of his wife to have pushed him to run…….she knows the truth and for her own ego she wants the White House.

    Get a clue Biden Family, let him retire and get out of the spotlight, each time he opens his mouth it’s painful ( how did the family allow him to push forward) he is not capable!!!!!!

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    Justice For All

    The Democrats continue to attack our President. They are trying to steal the election any way they can get it! Mail In ballots will result in voter fraud. The Coup De’ Tat has been a constant attack on Trump to influence the election. That’s election interference! It’s against the law. Obama and his administration needs to be held accountable for all of the atrocities they have committed. No double standards! Everything they have accused Trump of doing, they are guilty of themselves. The impeachment was a sham right from the start. Adam Schiff lied about everything! The liberals need to be held accountable for the destruction of our Republic! They ALL belong in prison!!!!

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    We need a president that actually cares about the country (as Trump does) instead of a perverted power hungry money grubbing idiot like sleazy joe.

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    Biden is everything he says a President shouldn’t be or do.

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    Ron Shelley

    Trump is nothing more than a low-life, draft-dodging liar and traitor to America. Joe Biden will have his work cut out for him as he repairs all the damage caused by Trump.

    Joe Biden 2020! Trump 10 to 20!

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