Trump goes full law-and-order

President Trump’s final decision to speak in the Rose Garden last evening as protests raged outside the gate was made only hours before, reflecting chaos on both sides of the fence.

Why it matters: Trump’s ultimate remarks fell where his instincts always were: blunt, brutal law and order, with extreme demonstrations of militarized “strength” and blustery threats.

  • “I am your president of law and order,” he declared. “Where there is no justice, there is no liberty.”

For the previous 48 hours, aides and outside political advisers hotly debated whether Trump should address the nation.

  • Some top officials argued against the idea — telling Trump that his speech would change nothing, that the protests would continue regardless of what he said.
  • But others were getting desperate. A number of people reached out directly to the president or his top aides to tell them, with great urgency, that he needed to be seen. They saw signs on Twitter that the conservative base was turning against him, with the question: “Where is Trump?”

A senior White House official said Trump was especially infuriated watching footage of shopkeepers defending their stores against violent looters.

  • “He felt like they’ve been in lockdown [for COVID] and now the minute they’re allowed to open they have to close again because of this,” the official said. “Not gonna let it happen.”

The senior ranks of the Pentagon had been in flux:

  • Trump wanted to federalize forces across the nation — a decision that has been held off for the moment. But he also wanted a massive display of force in Washington.
  • Two senior administration officials said planners had doubts about whether there were enough National Guard members to handle the increasingly violent protests in D.C. So discussions turned to boosting that with possible additions of neighboring state National Guard.

Not everyone in the White House was thrilled with the church photo op.

  • One senior aide was exuberantly telling friends the photograph of him holding a Bible in front of the church that had been attacked by vandals was an “iconic” moment for the president.
  • But a senior White House official told Axios that when they saw the tear gas clearing the crowd for Trump to walk to the church with his entourage: “I’ve never been more ashamed. I’m really honestly disgusted. I’m sick to my stomach. And they’re all celebrating it. They’re very very proud of themselves.”

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21 Thoughts to “Trump goes full law-and-order”

  1. DB

    Looters and thugs who have committed violence against another person should be stopped with any immediate means. If they show aggression toward the police, military or any other authority they have given up their rights and may be considered as targets.

  2. Sharon L Handeland

    in moving the protest back from the WH, I hear the protesters were being moved back regardless of the Presidents walk to the church or not. That moving them was being done before the President decided to go to the church.
    I hear there was tear gas, then I hear not tear gas but smoke bombs.

  3. That White House senior official must be blind, how could he/she see tear gas when the Park Police didn’t use any. Get rid of that person as they are not a Trump supporter.

  4. Don

    I don’t believe Patriots4Truth is being
    truthful in reporting on this article. 1st
    Tear gas was not used as evidenced by
    No gas masked were worn by police officers. Please verify and be truthful.

  5. Don

    About time somebody does.

  6. Frank

    The issue here is what and who are we supposed to believe. I doubt President Trump ordered the police to harm innocent people. First of all he’d have to be a moron to do that and not think the truth wouldn’t get out because somebody will feel guilty for participating or another person knows or finds out what happened and decided to speak out.

    And second, the results of such an action would be very negative. So what’s the truth and was it an “order” from the White House or police authorities? Were the people really innocent, were they cooperative or belligerent? Did the police just over react due to adrenaline flowing and fear of being hurt by the crowds of rioters?

    Maybe the powers in charge need to have an immediate conference and bring these topics to a public forum so that people will have a better understanding of what the police think and their feelings on all this and they would understand better how we see them and how we feel about their actions. And hopefully the politicians will allow everyone to work together and stop using the police as their muscle and then condemning them in the same moment for doing their jobs under terrible circumstances.

  7. L. Maureen Raye

    Trump is a complete idiot. His actions show his ignorant, power hungry, insensitive, arrogant nature. I pray others see his true self and vote for anyone besides him in the next election. He’s a disgrace to this nation. Never had such an unqualified president in history!!!

  8. Laura

    Whoever that “senior whitehouse official” is another deep state member who should be fired. There was NO tear gas to clear the crowd according to the Park police. That was a fallacy promoted by the MSM, Antifa, BLM, and demokrauts. And for those who say that I need an education because I say All Lives Matter I would ask three questions:
    1) Is being inclusive a good thing?
    2) Which is more inclusive, Black Lives Matter or ALL Lives Matter?
    3) If you answered, BLM and are any other color, then since your life doesn’t matter, why don’t you get a short length of rope, tie one end around your neck and the other to a high tree branch and jump?

  9. George Bini

    This president is a “RACIST JERK” first with the “VICIOUS DOG’S ” & HEAVILY ARMED MILITARY , STATEMENT, next with the ” TEAR GASSING ” of innocent “PEACEFUL DEMONSTRATORS” & now with calling out the “ACTIVE MILITARY” to stop the riots, obviously he doesn’t know the”CONSTITUTION” which states the “MILITARY ” is ” POSSE CUMITATUS ” (forgive me if I spelled it wrong ), in other words, can’t be used for ( City , town ,/ civil disobedience) , the GOVERNOR’S of the state’s are the only ones that have the” POWER” to call out the ” NATIONAL GUARD “(whom are “not” active duty military!! This president is reminding me of one , 46 yrs ago , (if you need refreshing) his name was RICHARD M. NIXON, ( MR. I’M NOT A CROOK ), who resigned, when exposed, or it could be worse, ( GERMANY’S ADOLF HITLER ) a DICTATOR , and some of you may have memories of that mess, All I’M saying is “THINK PEOPLE, and to MITCH Mconnal, head of the REPUBLICAN SENATE, ( GROW SOME “BALL’S ) and do what’s right under the” CONSTITUTIONAL OATH YOU TOOK, and SWORE to DEFEND” and IMPEACH THE IDIOT, before you lose your dignity. .

  10. President Trump is demonstrating common sense when he suggests that force may the only way to stop these criminal acts being carried out nightly in our larger cities. Some insist that forceful action would hurt the “peaceful” demonstrators. Legitimate peaceful demonstrators should remove themselves from the criminal element until the criminals (and that is what they are) are brought to justice or dealt with as our system of law and order does under other circumstances. I’d also like to point out that the retired military individuals, being quoted as to what actions should be taken, are not necessarily more qualified to give us the answer to this problem than others. Actions in war do not necessarily repreresent civilian situations. I would suggest that the peaceful protesters voluntarily remove themselves , then treat the rest as if they are “destructive criminals” — which is what they are.

  11. Mcsmuf

    If protesters ignore the curfews bring the water cannons to break them but the water has bright colored permanent dye that also shows up under UV light, then arrest any covered in dye visibly or with UV detection. Shoot the looters period.

  12. I don’t know who the sr WH advisor was but as far as I’m concerned he can go butt a stump. The tear gas was necessary because certain people chose to be trouble makers, theives, and basically terrorist, throwing bricks at police, looting stores. That is not what our Constitution is talking about as a peaceful demonstration. He needs to declare Marshall law in all the cities condoning this behavior. We need an example to put a stop to this. That’s what’s wrong with this newest generation to come of age to vote and decide who runs this country. They have never been told no. I was NOT ashamed. I was proud that he did it, especially taking the Bible and showing we are still a Christian nation under God. I’m ashamed of these governors, mayors, AG’s, and Chiefs of Police who let them get away with destroying other people’s property and those liberals who bail them out. There should be NO BAIL and they should face life in prision or execution for treason by hanging. I’m tired of these brats and the established democrats who con done it. I’ll get off my soap box now. Thank you.

  13. Linda

    It was NOT tear gas. That senior WH official is a deep-state operative.

  14. Fire the unmanned WH trader. On your knees dude. I’m retried USArmy Special Operations CSM and Senior CIA Operations Officer. That’s my church my property. And for the sake of this Christian Nation we do not require anyone to kneel before satanic and evil lost for words!!

    Next comes a billet in the head with Pelosi applauding.
    ISIS Muslim radicals like Obamma. Mr. President now is the time to break hard and fast Speed Surprise and yes Violence of Action. I volunteer myself and mates to be legally authorized to infiltrate out the warehouses and cache sites. It’s what we do. My small company is prepared to do so at no cost to the tax payer. Stay strong pray as I have been for you to have God’s presence courage and strength to persevere. Amen ???????Go hard or go home.

  15. Trump ONLY displayed pure cowardiss!! He is not about law and order and is the most corrupt US President ever. Trump had non violent rally protestors gassed and marched 2000 lb horses on them all so he could a political campaign picture in the most disgusting display of his already disgusting stewardship of the office of US President! Trump didn’t even look at the church, never offered a prayer, only held a book that was NOT even his and that he probably had never seen before!!

  16. hurray!!! the president is doing exactly what he suposed to do protecting, defending american citizens and property against looters, thieves , terrorists criminals!! using deploying the army national guard to assist law inforcement, thank u!! mr. president we’re forever in your debt!!

  17. Larry Pulliam

    President Trump, I’m with you on every matter. We have to take control of these people.

  18. If Trump doesn’t stand up for law and order the bad guys will believe they won and can take over everything.

    We are looking to you i am so sorry to say this ! Call on the troops ! They know how to handel this !


  20. I agree you have to stand up for law and order. In that vein, why are you letting everyone try to disgrace the administration every day. When your term ends this year in in four more, who is going to have you personality or back bone. to put up with the nonsense.

    Would you want any of siblings to go through what they do to the President of the USA.

    Do you want to see Hilary, Nancy P., Michelle O., AOC etc. running the country. Please take the next step before July 4 th.,and arrest some one that there is evidence against, think of the future candidates.

  21. Ron Shelley

    Trump is nothing more than a fascist wannabee who has no respect for constitutional rights.

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