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    John Strom


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    alen gasper

    Let’s GET er DONE!!!!! Mr. president.

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    Go Trump!! The President should do it now. I’m in favor for no one to come in to our country. Go Trump 2020!!!

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    I wish they would resettle the Muslims in wide areas, not to consolidate them like Odumbo did. He created it to that MN was able to elect to Congress a Muslim because there was such a concentration of Muslims. This is dangerous to America, as it’s been seen with Omar and Talelib (sp).
    Please don’t send them to TEXAS!!! We’ve got enough Indians and Pakistanis who don’t know how in the hell to drive on our roads, and the State doesn’t want to address this issue as it may be….you guessed it….racial. Everytime I drive somewhere, I feel like I’m taking my life in my hands.
    So let’s destribute the refugees (they’re not really refugees, but just wanting to get out of their country) in a broader area. Hell, I’d like to resettle in Switzerland my home country, but do you think they would offer me what we offer the refugees? Heck no.

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    Craig Michael Vandertie

    We should not be accepting/taking in any assylum seeker/refugees period as in zilch they all lie about their persecution to get in here and steal privileges that is not their’s to have and in the case of the Moonie Muslime to carry out Jihad against us and turn this nation into an islamic nation adhering to only sharia law.

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    Craig Michael Vandertie

    Pardonne moi, I meant Moonie Muslimes because they are a terminal viral pandemic plague that is rampantly spreading.

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    Craig Michael Vandertie

    Pardonne moi, I meant Moonie Muslimes as in it is a rampantly spreading terminal viral pandemic plague that needs to be completely sterilized from our environment.

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    Craig Michael Vandertie

    Pardonne moi, I meant to say Moonie Muslimes as in it is a rampantly spreading terminal pandemic plague that needs to be sterilized from out environment.

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    Regardless of what the POTUS attempts to protect the American people, the democrats will find an Obama or Clinton appointed federal judge to throw a money wrench and block the attempt.

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    Ron jr

    It’s about time to put a cap on illegal Wetbacks pouring into this country. Stay the fuck home and make your Brown or black country great. Jesus Christ put in some effort, don’t come here breeding poverty on lifetime welfare. Try to speak our language. Begging in Spanish is unpatriotic and offensive. My country, my rules. Not sorry, either. Go home.

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    Ronald Weaver

    About time to cap off 27 million illegal wetbacks

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    I seriously feel like ALL Americans should be able to take ONE extra TAX deduction for ALL the illegals OUR tax dollars that are GIVEN to these illegals….food, shelter, medical😡😡😡😡Whenever we have a child or other family member living with us we do get that as a tax benefit! The illegals should NOT be a Freebie by any means! I AM a legal immigrant from a European country….my parents NEVER received ONE red cent from any government body😡😖👹‼️PLUS…we coukd ONLY enter WHEN the USA said we could and at the age of 7 I HAD to have my iwn Visa for entry!

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    Mary Lyons

    Obama also deported more illegals than all presidents. He was very serious about securing the border THEN! NOW he is a hypocrite..which ever way the wind blows..they ..Libs…are all like that. American citizens whose taxes pay to run this country and pays their salaries come first. They make it sound like a crime to be Caucasian…and most of them are. I want to know what are the plans for DACA’s parents…they are the lawbreakers..not the kids.

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    I wonder if Trump would be here now if his parents had to live by similar exclusions.
    Is Trump or his henchmen going to determine who can enter and who are banned.
    I suspect he is looking for those who can buy their way in.

  15. 15


    I truly believe that the United States has more than their share of refugees & we have all that we can handle. All the countries in Europe are in. trouble with the amount of refugees that were taken in

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    Heyrman Gerald

    We don’t want any more refugees, enough is enough!!!

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    Good for Trump. We can’t afford this constant flow of people across our border.

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