Top Seven Gifts for Trump Supporters

They have been called everything from “deplorables” to “patriots.” But, whether you agree with their politics or not, most likely we’ve all got some Trump supporters on our holiday gift list. So here — in no particular order — are our Top 7 Gifts for Trump Fans. These gifts will make a HUGE impression for the holidays, birthdays, or any other time you want to say, “Let’s make our relationship great again!

1. Make America Great Again Christmas ornament

You can make your tree look great again with this MAGA hat ornament, for sale on Trump’s still operational campaign website.

2. Jon McNaughton Print

Jon McNaughton is, without question, the pre-eminent artist of the #MAGA era. His classical paintings depicting Trump in a variety of heroic settings have drawn praise from the right and ridicule from the left. McNaughton’s painting includes: the president guiding a boat full of key administration officials across the Swamp (a-la Washington crossing Delaware), teaching a potential socialist in a hoodie how to fish and, most recently, scoring a touchdown against a team of liberal football players wearing old-timey leather helmets. Prints of these paintings and more are available on McNaughton’s website.

3. Just the Tweets

Can’t get enough of Trump’s tweets? Read them all, in a real estate agent and huge Trump fan, Trisha Hope’s, book, “Just the Tweets.” It is subtitled “Volume 1” because the president has not stopped tweeting and there are bound to be many more volumes to come.

4. Official Merry Christmas Hat

This is a holiday version of the classic Trump Make America Great Again hat, but the saying is now adorned in Christmas lights, and it says Merry Christmas on the back, too.

5. Keepsake Popcorn Bucket

This large tin bucket of popcorn, available on the Breitbart website, comes with three flavors of popcorn: butter, caramel and cheese, and a lid emblazoned with the Breitbart logo and a quote from Trump: “We’re saying ‘Merry Christmas’ again.”

6. Build the Wall

It is still questionable if the president will or will not get the funding for his wall. Forget all the political squabbling and build your own with this “Build the Wall” Lego-style set from Keep and Bear.

7. Trumpy Bear

“Born” on Flag Day, the ever popular “Trumpy Bear” seen being held by many fans at Trump rallies makes a great Holiday or any time gift for the Trump Fan in your life. A recent commercial, broadcast during Fox News, said that “Trumpy Bear is loved by all. Michael Ruffino, a former Marine, is proud to carry Trumpy Bear on the handlebars of his motorcycle. Golfers save it a seat in their carts. Even the toughest guys will love Trumpy Bear.”

Most of these items and much more official “Trump Merch” can be found on the Trump-Pence Campaign website – let’s make gift giving great again!

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