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    “These microwaves are transmitted over low-frequency signals…”

    Your ignorance is showing. Folks, please put away the tin-foil talk and stick to verifiable and fact-based subjects. When you really don’t know about something or ‘suspect’ something, just let it go.

    Every time you publish crap like this, it devalues and destroys your credibility.

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    The LDS Church weekly sacrament meetings are and always have been open to the public. Attending Temple is sacred not secret so that only those who’ve been found to be obedient to the laws of God (and therefore, humble and as pure as one can be so as not to defile the house of God) are allowed to enjoy the sacred ceremonies such as being sealed by the priesthood for time AND eternity to one’s spouse and children. I would assume any attempts by any entity to enter and control those attending Temple ordinances would be forsaken as they wouldn’t work just as the Ouigi board will not work when innocent young members of the church are stupidly tempted to play that so-called “game.”

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    lawrfence Foster

    Some one has been partaking of the BS fruit again. I was in Vietnam, and worked with Phoenix (though not part of the program), and it was a project to capture or turn Vietcong cadre. Yes, some got killed resisting capture, but the majority were taken alive, and often agreed to work with the government.

    As for the use of microwave weapons, while theoretically possible, the control of Radio waves is a bit more complicated than the author implies.

    Save you tin-foil beanies for the Schiff-Nadler circus.

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    Damn! When & where do I get mine?

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