Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick

One month after the January 6th riot at the U.S. Capitol, authorities are still unable to determine fallen Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick’s official cause of death, even though the mainstream media has been reporting he died due to injuries inflicted by protesters.

Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) Chief Robert J. Contee III said at a news conference last week that the investigation into Sicknick’s death is still ongoing.

Contee did, however, suggest that Sicknick’s injuries may not have been visible. “That determination is made by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, so MPD’s role in that is to make sure that the medical examiner has all of the evidence they need to make that determination,” he said. “In this situation, with the Capitol insurrection, there were hundreds of videos and all of that kind of stuff — that stuff is being gone through and funneled over to them.”

Contee said that the medical examiner will make a recommendation “once they have a better understanding of what exactly to deal with.”

“Sometimes, and not to speak for the doctors, when they are assessing individuals who may not have visible injuries — that kind of thing — you know they have to be very thorough in their efforts to make a determination in manner and cause of death,” he added.

Meanwhile, media outlets are pushing conflicting reports. Anonymous law enforcement officers initially told some media outlets that Sicknick was bludgeoned in the head with a fire extinguisher. Others say Sicknick did not suffer any blunt force trauma.

Some investigators suggest that Sicknick could have died from inhaling a chemical irritant, such as bear mace or pepper spray.

In the only public statement released by the U.S. Capitol Police, the department said that Sicknick “passed away due to injuries sustained while on-duty.”

Sicknick “was responding to the riots” on Jan. 6 at the U.S. Capitol and “was injured while physically engaging with protesters,” the statement continued. “He returned to his division office and collapsed. He was taken to a local hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.”

Sicknick’s older brother, Ken, told ProPublica in an interview that Brian had texted him on the night on Jan. 6 to tell him he had been pepper-sprayed but felt fine. He said his brother was dead the following night after suffering a stroke.

5 thoughts on “The Media is Lying About How the Capitol Police Officer Died”
  1. The venal media lie about the cause of death of the Republican policeman Siknik; the venal media hide that the Republican girl was shot by Pelosi’s guard; the corrupt media hide that the man suspected of stealing Pelosi’s laptop was also shot; corrupt media hide how two more people died. In short, plutocracy in action.

  2. the corrupt media hide that the man suspected of stealing Pelosi’s laptop was also shot; corrupt media hide how two more people died. In short, plutocracy in action.

  3. Too bad there aren’t any true journalists anymore. They are all scared to do the good that actually caused them to receive the training to be journalists, but to be honest, that’s another thing altogether. Now, it time for them to be honest and work for the people and not for corrupt and dishonest media organizations. Who killed the unarmed woman trying to crawl out a window? The media told us that is was a plain clothed Capitol Police Officer, but no name, what was lethal force used on an unarmed woman? Recently, the public was told that officer was “working” for Speaker Pelosi, but in what capacity? The truth needs to be told. If a woman died because a capitol Police cop was told to shoot her, that’s murder and someone needs to go to jail. And if Speaker Pelosi gave the order(s), she needs to retire and be answerable to criminal charges. But, regardless, the Speaker will toss the police under the bus and lie about it. Now, comments listed above mentions that a man suspected of stealing Pelosi’s laptop was shot, this is the first time most people have heard about this. WHY???

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