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    Craig Michael Vandertie

    What a bunch of bologna, let’s start with Dante, clearly the man was inhaling magic mushroom spores because somewhere in the bible it specifically states only those whose souls have been condemned can enter and once there never leave, now let us speak a about the immense pressure and the heat no corporeal being would be able to survive, people who entertain such notions are of exactly of the same psyche as Abraham and everyone else claiming to be a prophet or have communed with a divine being never having had grasp on reality.

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    We actually use all of our brains mental capacity. The belief that we use less than 10% is as old and wrong as the belief that the stars revolve around the earth.

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    The hollow earth theory is almost as ridiculous as the impeachment inquiry.

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    I certainly hope there is a civilization within our hollow Earth. I started reading Edgar Rice Burrough’s stories about Pellucidar and was convinced that creatures inhabited lands in the middle of our planet. Maybe I’ll live long enough to be convinced that Burrough’s was right and it was OK for me to keep this hope alive. This would be another opportunity for someone like Elon Musk to create a travel business for millionaires who want to go someplace different for a vacation – after they get tired of visiting the International Space Station.

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    Everyone knows the Earth is flat. It is illegal to own a cat if you live near the edge because they will knock everything over.

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