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I began my career as a New York graphic designer, years later as an Art Director working with some of the leading advertising agencies and studios of the day, transitioned into owning my own graphic design service, providing a host of creative services, most recently as a working cartoonist for a verity of clients, my most recent illustrative assignment was a 33-page children’s book titled “Nicholas’s Amazing Journey.” I’m a published author, with my first novel titled “Journey” published in 2003, and my second a short story titled “Mr. Tidbit’s Dilemma”, published in 2014, by American Star Books, and I’m currently working on my third novel, a murder-mystery titled “Possession,” which hopefully should be completed early next year. I’m also an unabashed conservative and political junkie writing well over 4,000 published articles and political commentary, on a host of national issues and current event topics facing America. I received the 2007 Editors Choice Award, for outstanding Achievement in poetry, presented by Poetry.com and the International Library of Poetry, and I am a proud member of the National Writers Association.


  1. 1

    carlos cruz

    He deserves what he got

  2. 2

    David Pittillo

    What has been done to Roger Stone Flynn and others borders on the theatre of the absurd. Yet the real enemies to our great republic run for office or hold them, do insider trading are up to their necks in child and human trafficking! None of these seditious scumbags are ever going to be held accountable! And they grin in our faces day in and day out!

  3. 3


    What about Schiff,Pelosi, Naddler & Shumer are the going to Jail to .. ???
    Looks the Law does not apply to them – the seem to be above the Law..!

  4. 4


    He should have got much more jail time

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