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    Funny I could have sworn that shortly afterwards he had asked Trump what did he want from Ukraine and that Trump responded I don’t want anything,no quid pro quo I just want him to do what he campaigned on!

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    Even if President Trump did require the Ukraines to do something for the money, it is not a crime, it is foreign policy. He can require the same of any country for sending them “free” money. Nothing is ever free.

    Schiffhead should be charged with malicious prosecution to the point of sedition and treason. He needs to be put in a mental institution after being diagnosed with TDS. He is OCC, and is encouraged by Piglosi, and Jumpin’ Jerry Nadler. You can look at the fool, and see that he is not mentally competent when he is bugging his eyes out while talking.

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    It was all a big game of gossip…he said, she said, they told someone who told someone, blah, blah. Waste of time, taxpayer money, tv time, .everything. No one really8 cares about this tempest in a teapot except the rabid Dem. losers. Reasonable people care about the economy, jobs, stockmarket, peace.

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    But he has become not credible! He changed his testimony so he is guilty of lying to Congress. But he also testified that the President told him no quid pro quo, that he didn’t want anything! He took a way out so neither side can crucify him. He’s a nonentity and his testimony is nil!!!

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