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    Amen! A bit of common sense and acknowledgement of spatial diversity is in order.

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    Jerald Watchorn

    CNN lecturing people what a joke They need to move out of USA and locate in and move to Russia or China more like thinking people Most of their employees are communist party members past and present. Send them to the IVY league schools where they buy diplomas think they are smart but all the books and education just can not fix STUPID

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    The dam Democrats have everyone running scared as they wanted to do anything to screw with trump’s economy and try making him look bad I’m not falling for their bullshit

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    Frank Samples

    Lock downs that make no sense are purely a ego booster for public figures. They probably have difficulty getting total cooperation from their husbands/wives and thus inflict their desires on the citizenry.

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    Rondo Hunter

    As a native of Jacksonville, FL I had no overwhelming urge to flock to the beach when it opened. But that’s just me. I’m an older gentleman with reasonably good health but when I venture forth I always wear a mask and gloves. Remember a time when wearing a mask and gloves into a store labeled you a probable suspect to be carefully watched? Add a hat and sunglasses and the disguise is nearly complete.
    If you’re feeling lucky then go for it, enjoy the beach, the (fresh?) air, the crowds…whoops. That’s still a no-no. I’m too close to being a “potential patient” to be taking such chances. I still mix with a few family but that’s about as close as my adventuring into the “P-Zone” as I’m willing to chance.

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