Should the media self-quarantine?

I have come to the conclusion that the news media should follow the advice of the medical professionals and self-quarantine – especially the folks on the cable networks.  There are several reasons for my recommendation.

That would obviously keep them from travelling back and forth, and exposing themselves to the Coronavirus – or spreading it if they are among the asymptomatic carriers.  And remember, the vast majority of the mainstream media is in New York City – the location of the worst outbreak in America.

More importantly, they would not be on air spreading inaccurate information — with political biases – and gossip.  Everyone seems to agree that we should not politicize the crisis, but they seem to be incapable of stopping themselves.

Since they stoke the passions of our partisan divide, the nation might better be able to unify without their constantly driving the wedges of social and political discord.  It would be nice to focus on the ISSUES rather than the political implications.

Also, their omnipresent reports are needlessly sensationalized — with nothing but bad-to-worse news that spreads panic faster than the Coronavirus – even as they say we should not panic.

As you can tell from the points I raise, I am not in favor of having them report from home or from other remote locations – as some are already doing.   No.  No.  No.  I mean limiting the news to a periodic five-minute report – audio and graphics only.  And none of those panels of parroting pundits who tell us what to think.  They could cut in every day for the updates from the White House Coronavirus Task Force. Most of the newsies are not professionals and their analyses run between worthless to damaging.

Not only do we hear every little development in the Coronavirus crisis, but to fill time, they are now reporting about the deleterious emotional and mental effects of fear and anxiety – hyping it beyond reality.    Since they are the primary purveyors of fear and anxiety, we might adjust to our temporary condition more easily without them telling us how crazy it is making us.  It does not seem to have occurred to them that perhaps they are the ones making us crazy.

I do believe that the news outlets would do a far greater public service if they were to show old movies and other shows to entertain all of us trapped in our homes.

If they do not heed this advice, at least we can switch over to the movie channel or that channel that is peddling the ancient alien theories.   There is no reason for the average American to be inundated with minute-by-minute updates on the number of infected and dead.  And giving us the instructions to wash our hands and separate in public is unnecessary.  We get it.

So, there ‘tis.

NOTICE: This commentary is designed to make a point through satire.  I do not really see any chance of the news networks shutting down.  So please, spare me the comments stating all the reasons the networks will not – and should not – shut down from those of you without a sense of humor.

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34 Thoughts to “Should the media self-quarantine?”

  1. Dave Bishop

    Larry Horist, I am with you whole heartedly. It has come to the point that I want to turn the sound on only at the commercial break. At least I know they have SOME truths in them. If there is one thing we can count on, however, it’s the lie that President Trump is the cause of all this. Basically, this is the mantra of the leaches who pander to the Dem’s, worshiping at the altar of taxation and how it will purify all Americans and make the country better. There is one sure thing in their minds only: we need pork barrel spending and Nanny Gummamint running our lives. Heaven forefend!

  2. Willie T

    I agree, it would be good if they could at least be shut down as non-essential until this is over.
    Most of what we need to know about the virus is available online from the CDC and other official sources, about the third or fourth page on a Google search, past the leftist talking points the “algorithms” put first.

  3. Jcatherine

    I agree…this entire flu season has been politicized by the talking bobble-heads that call themselves journalists. POTUS holds a presser EVERY DAY…unprecedented..listen to him (the real leader in all of this) and make up your own mind. It would be a relief if cable news networks…all of them experienced a major downturn in viewership. Just sayin’!

  4. I believe a lot of the fear people are feeling is caused by the way news is presented. I believe that they should give the facts and leave their personal political agenda out of it. Media self-quarantine would benefit the media and the people’s health they may jeopardize my trying to turn a story.

  5. Joyce Morton

    As should the president and the VP we don’t want anything to happen to either of then.
    Chee on that one for a moment.

  6. Joyce

    Should have read:
    So should our president and VP.
    We don’t want anything to happen to either of them. Chew on that one for a moment.

  7. Naomi

    Yes, i think we should stop the media from spreading speculations and lies of what’s going on. It’s really no point in letting them rave as they do. President Trump should stop them, he would do a great honor to our country. Let’s pray for them. God is telling us to : BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I’M GOD. Who knows what’s coming next. God is our only hope. In the world we shall have tribulation but be of good cheer through Christ we can overcome. Do you believe this?

  8. You hit the nail on the head with all your points.

  9. Buddy

    The media should be permanently quarantined in N. Korea.

  10. Excellent idea Larry! It would eliminate much of the disinformation being spread by the liberal media.

  11. Dan Miller


  12. sherry

    I agree 1000%! I have been saying this from the start of their constant reporting..
    they should not be allowed to talk about it at all. There should be 1 channel, as there is for the weather, that people could go to to hear about the updates and progress being done about the Chinese Virus!

  13. Anil Kakad

    Such nonsensical, unwarranted criticism! With Skelton staff, media is doing a great job. At a time like this, people want a combination of information and entertainment. Under such adverse circumstances, media is providing constant news and much required relief through entertainment. Without TV, life would become intolerable. Anil Kakad.

  14. Martha Kessler

    When anyone gets tired of being inundated with any news, one can TURN IT OFF for as long as you like… but let’s not limit anyone’s right to free speech. It will eventually sort itself out because few will continue listening to crazies for long.

  15. That is one great Article about the news you are right on point i’m impressed

  16. Joyce

    Got my vote. I’ve had to switch them off already!!!

  17. That’s is one great article about the news you are right on point I’m impressed sorry about the name in the post comments

  18. I was hoping the media would self quarantine for year or two.

  19. Judy

    A great idea….no one would want to catch what they have!

  20. Terri

    Thank you for this honest piece of journalism. I agree 100%!! I only hope this gets out to all Americans!

  21. Stehl Bob

    No doubt about the overdone sensationalism- that’s typical for all left wing media – they are only capable of dealing hype , scare tactics, and seeing everything as a half empty glass – that’s why Trumps optimism is something they can’t deal with- what a pathetic journalism industry the US has .

  22. Eugene Wood

    they use a long pole with a mike on it to interview people so they wont get the virus. if they don’t report the news we wont know whats going on

  23. John

    The media should be force into containment for the lies and BS they announce everyday.

  24. Steve Startz

    Yes the moment any news journalist promotes or gives his or others opinions, they are no longer being journalists and have reduced themselves to promoting hysteria, agenda and propaganda without integrity. Wisdom or concerns for consequences!
    With few exceptions the so called journalists in America and around the world have proven themselves to be bought and paid for opinionated idiots promoting only themselves, their bosses and or evil regimes contrary to the safety of America it’s values and its Citizens!
    Shame on the media for their confused and continued treason to all of America



  27. Yep. They should be quarantined, sequestered, drawn and quartered and on permanent lock down FOREVER.

  28. Keep the media at home, their reporters are just spreading panic among all the citizens of this country.

    They are the reason for all the hoarding of consumer goods, because they are spreading fear.

  29. Lesly

    I agree 100 percent. As I watch the news, if you can call it that, I cringe. We have reverted to watching old sitcoms when we are not working or trying to find eggs and toilet paper. It seems we have to stay in constant gathering mode.

  30. Barb Fitzgerald

    👍🏻I agree!


    Where is this virus the worst? China? Italy? Hell, lets send them all there, see if they can tell the truth about how bad it is. I doubt it.

  32. Yes, the media should self quarantine…..forever! No one with a working brain wants to see or hear from them anymore. They lie every time they open their mouths!

  33. Connie

    The media is the virus in this country! I turned off the news months ago once I started getting minute by minute notifications of each case of coronavirus that was found! I realized they were fear mongering so I stopped listening. I refuse to be manipulated by the media with a political agenda. I’ve been lucky in that I have worked, with the public, throughout this “pandemic“ which, according to the latest CDC report that main stream media did not publicize, has a SURVIVAL rate of 99.5%. Hardly a big killer! I am no more worried about this virus than I am of the flu, which in 2017 was extremely deadly, much worse than this virus. I had the flu one time in my life, about 40 years ago, and I don’t get the flu shot. Where was the media then? No big panic, no fear mongering, no people wearing masks or fighting about wearing them or not wearing them, and not an election year.

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