Takeo Spikes, former San Francisco 49ers linebacker, says that Colin Kaepernick should have his own statue in the historical Smithsonian museum.

“I truly believe that he deserves some type of monument, a statue in the Smithsonian in D.C,” Spikes said, speaking to NBC Sports Bay Area on Monday.

“The reason why I say this is because this man put everything on the line,” he continued. Colin Kaepernick is responsible for initiating the social justice protests during the national anthem at sporting events during the 2016 NFL season.

Kaepernick, the former 49er second-string quarterback, became a free agent in 2017. He then immediately turned down a 49ers contract. No team has signed him since, and many people claim that he has been blackballed from the league.

“But I applaud him simply because he decided to take a stand,” Spikes said. “He decided to draw a line in the sand and say look, ‘I can make the money, I can live a carefree life for the most part and get paid handsomely and never say a thing because I’m not affected.’

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“But he took time to look back and really just see the big picture, the spectrum when we talk about the inequalities. He decided to not only call it out but take a stand for it,” Spikes added.

Kaepernick maintains that he has been blackballed from the league. Despite claims that the NFL has conspired to keep him off the field, the league dedicated a special workout day to Kaepernick in 2019. He refused to participate and arranged his own workout day, which a few teams attended.

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24 thoughts on “Should Colin Kaepernick Get a Statue in the Smithsonian?”
  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Sorry … I laughed so hard at this absurd notion I about peed my pants. If anything, this moron needs a one way ticket OUT of this country to the Communist country of his choice. As Bugs Bunny often said, “What a maroon.”

  2. I sincerely hope that Kaepernick receives no such honor due to his disrespect for our country. This would set a bad example. He’s been blessed with not only his physical ability, but also being a citizen of this country.

  3. OK…if you’re gonna give Kaepernick a spot in the Smithsonian…then go ahead. But please…with an asterisk next to it stating…”He surrendered his NFL career defending his beliefs.”
    But right next to him have displays for
    ~Bob Kelsu(U.S. Army) Gave up his NFL career, and ultimately gave uphis life serving this country in Vietnam!!!
    ~Donald Steinbrunner(U.S. Air Force)
    Gave up his NFL career, and ultimately his life serving this country in Vietnam!!
    Pat Tillman(U.S.Army)Gave up his NFL career, and ultimately his life serving this country in Afghanistan!!!
    Thing is…these 3 men were not only serving this country…they were serving me, you, AND…Colin Kaepernick!!!
    Let that clown drop to his knee for them!!!

  4. Kaepernick did not take a knee for black lives. He took it against the police. He is a piece of shit and should not have a statue of any kind. The reason he’s not playing football is because he wasn’t that good to start with. He hates America and should move to China to be with his comrades.

  5. Anyone who receives fame and wealth from this country and then has the audacity to disrespect our flag and what it stands for deserves NO respect or recognition for anything he has accomplished. If this country were as prejudiced as what he/his cohorts allege, he would never even be playing the game let alone making millions from it.

  6. No!
    There would be no social injustice if you do as your told by a law enforcement officer.
    Resisting arrest is why people get in trouble regardless of your color.

  7. He needs to be removed, from all plate forms, he is a pos traitor to this country that has caused division.

  8. Absolutely not! This is based on pure emotionalism, which is quite different from those
    whose statues have been pulled down; people who were willing to die for a Constitution
    for freedom.
    Yes, brutality and killing of anyone is absolutely wrong, but this is not a way of dignity to
    Where is the respect in our society today?
    ‘Racism’ is a God issue, NOT color.
    And ‘white supremacy’ is a fabrication of the liberal, left, Hegelian Ideology!

  9. Colin makes a fortune in the country he disrespects, only in America can anyone do this. He’s not anything short of being disrespectful arrogant unappreciable civilian. Heroes were Kevlar helmets and body armor. We owe our freedom to them,not people like Colin

  10. Put up a Native American Statue instead, they deserve it more than anyone! No one ever thinks about the Native Americans of course…They may not be on popular sports teams but they lived this land long before anyone, and are ignored…Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce was a good man and yet how many even know his name, but oh, he didn’t play sports and make millions…Sorry it is ridiculous to me like so many things in this crazy land…Native Americans didn’t and don’t ask to have statues of themselves and be glorified like others are willing to accept because they think they deserve it…Ego is a deadly thing…

  11. Colin should be forced to get the word “Nigger” branded on his forehead, not a statue.
    He is a disgusting anti-American and spoiled brat for making tons of money in the NFL and then being disrespectful to the country that made his life possible.

  12. This so-called man, or rather human being, has hurt this country more than anyone, except for President Biden. He’s way over paid for what little he has actually done in the way of work. If he had to dig a ditch, he wouldn’t be able to figure out which end goes into the dirt. He’s a spoiled brat who only cares for himself (I wonder, maybe he’s related to our current Speaker-of-the-House). What has ever done for anyone other than himself. The NFL didn’t want he because he really wasn’t that good as a starting quarterback, and then his mouth hurt any team he went to. What he needs is a real close haircut and a free one way ticket to the Asian country of his choice. Maybe they, a different country, could find him a team he could play on, maybe not for the money he thinks he’s entitle to, but for what he is actually worth. The only statue of himself should be one of him screwing the pooch and then placed where he deserves to be, at the San Francisco Dump.

  13. Absolutely not!! He has fooled many people, however many people have not been fooled! I happen to be in the latter group and think he’s a misfit in society! He only cares about himself and the money he has made from his dishonest fame!

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