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    Well she wasn’t to worried about the American people, as most Demorats aren’t, to vote for the relief package. Just a typical Democrat talking point. They are stupid!!!!

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    God Bless Amy….Regardless of party lines, this is a “FAMILY'” crisis and I hope and pray that you and your family recover swiftly!

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    Just how many of the Democrat Families will have to be infected with the Coronavirus before the Democrats decide to do something for all the Citizens of the USA ?

    Those apposed to the relief bill need to be BULL WHIPPED !

    What they are doing is CRIMINAL and should be prosecuted as MURDER for they are KILLING Americans !

    Let this be an issue on Election Day in November and no votes given to these obstructionists !

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    It sounded like he got either a lung cancer or a throat cancer…!

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    Juan Cruz

    I just prayed for your husband believing that he will be healed of all of his infirmitiesI am a Republican voter, but that does not mean I cannot intercede before God for your husband’s well being God bless you both.

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    Curtis Chamberlain

    That’s a blessing 1 American DEMOCRAT that lets thousands illegals in and then burn Americans, working Americans, and pull bullshit like u trash rats do it’s nice seeing a DEMOCRAT going DOWN, pelosi and others god I hope he hears my prayers 🙏to y’all, I want u all to burn in hell for what all u Democrats r doing, and stalling the hard work of president Trump, he’s the only president in history that really cares about corporate America and tha value of America, the pledge allegiance, Democrats took out, alomg with everything Americans lived far, so feeling sorry for ur husband and what ur family stands far , and Democrats, sorry but u all have no souls r hearts, die in hell, all u Democrats.

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