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    I like the way you summed it up with all these luciferian organizations unilateral trilateral One World Government the enemy of the people all over the world God Bless America and help us take out the trash amen

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    William Pitsker

    I had a dear friend since high school who advanced up the ladder of one such prominent “society” – perhaps the most known of them all. With in mere months of a high elevation he mysteriously died (stroke, I believe), and two of his fellows died, also. We four regularly met for a brunch.
    I had noticed a marked change in his demeanor after the elevation – a somber and introspective one. I’m wondering if they all weren’t “snuffed” as inconvenient potential leaks.
    Though not a member of the “cult,” I have watched my six ever since.

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    Jim S

    There is alot of sheep who will claim this is not possible. These society’s know exactly what they are doing. Few of us have awoken to the fact and are preparing.

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    I don’t know about all the groups you are listing. Pertaining to the ones of which I belong, your assertions are pure malicious bullshit!

    What are you attempting to prove?

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