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    Linda Heim

    Knowing the Bill Gates history with vaccines in which he killed,destroyed the health, and/or help sterilized millions of people, using the WHO as a vehicle–who would accept anything from the Gates? He wants vaccines to be mandatory, and brags how they can be used to control population.
    Gee with the rapidity that this vaccine was produced one has to ask if he knew about the virus. The answer is obvious. The only thing I find amusing is that our “boy genius” didn’t anticipate that Plaquenil would treat the virus effectively. But arriving on the scene is Pharma’s new experimental anti-viral toxins. Fausci and Birx are obviously tied to all of this, which is why they and the FDA tried to block the use of Plaquenil.

    Is it true that he is rolling out 5G as we speak, and using nano technology so that a chip can be injected for 5G surveillance with the vaccine.
    The Gates are demonic–and you are no patriot!
    Don’t send me anymore of ‘you’re good news posts’

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    There is NO safe vaccine! Even the Supreme Court admitted that they are “unavoidable unsafe”. I wouldn’t trust anything Bill Gates has his hands in especially when it comes to vaccines. Just ask all the young women in Kenya that got a vaccine supposedly for Tetanus and it was laced with something so will never be able to have children. And by the way the WHO approved it. Gates also would like to place a chip in everybody with that type of vaccine to keep track of everybody. We are NOT China, we are a free country.
    They should tell people too keep up a good immune system, take extra Vita C, Vita D3 and zinc.

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    If you want to know the truth behind all this, please look closer at Mr. Bill G’s connection to the virus itself.
    Dig deeper into the truth.
    Cause a chaos, then come up with the solution, no pun intended.
    This man is definitely NOT a humanitarian.

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    You and your family try it first, Bill!

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    Robert Varley

    You and your family try it first, Bill!

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    i am leary about any vaccine that Bill Gates promotes.

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    i am leery about any vaccine that Bill Gates promotes.

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    All vaccines are poisonous coupled with Bill Gates money it becomes most deadly.
    I do wellness check-ups and have not had any illness, medicines nor vaccines in the last 35 years. I will not start depending on them now after seeing what my mother went through in the last 10 years of her life.

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