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  1. 1

    don jones

    Shiff for Brains is so unfair, I tell you the American people are not stupid, this is going to cost the demoRAT party control of congress maybe fore ever, this guy is George soros son in law, he has an agenda.

  2. 2

    don jones

    Our President deserves some support, in my opinion, he has done more for this country than anyone of our last 42 presidents other than Washington and Lincoin, he deserves to be on mount rushmore, some one needs to start a GoFundMe page, to have his face on mt rushmore, that would drive the brain dead dems nutts

  3. 3


    The do nothing demoRats have done nothing for this country other than spend 44 million dollars on the muller team that could not have answered a question, that shows you he was never a part of the process, now its on to something that has nothing to do about anything, they have accomplished anything and they will tell those people that put the dems in charge of congress, nothing to talk about, no positive works for the American people.

  4. 4

    this is not acceptable from rep Adam Schiff and the democratic party , it is biased and the american people will always think it is a scam ,
    we as the american people need to know who is the whistle blower to make sure he is not one of the democratic puppet .

  5. 5


    Schiff is a traitor and out of control. If anyone should be impeached, deported, etc it is Schiff the biggest liar of them all

  6. 6

    Craig Michael Vandertie

    Schiff is an idiot who has no understanding of the law this entire lower house hearing is a complete sham, Schiff does nothing but lie, it lies so much not even it is aware that it is lying, charge that stupid evil Schiff with treason find it guilty of treason because it is and eradicate and end the ongoing travesty of justice currently trying to destroy our fair and just laws Constitutional Republic.

  7. 7


    ever wonder why they were sent to the gas chambers?

  8. 8

    Robert B

    Who needs more evidence that this is nothing but a Kangaroo Court, a witch hunt, a bald attempt to undo the 2016 election to protect Demon-rat corruption from being revealed.

  9. 9

    Joseph Michaels

    The Democratic Party that I was a member of all my life is gone and replaced by whatever it is we have in Washington now. Due process, constitutional rights, free speech, etc. are rights and privileges we hold (in their minds) only if you agree with what they say. What a bunch of lying hypocrites. When the Democratic Party returns so too may I. In the meantime, just the thought of being associated with such a group makes me feel simultaneously dirty and fearful for our country’s future.

  10. 10

    Karen Riley

    Impeach Schiff, Pelosi, Nadler, Schumer, and all those guilty of conspiracy and this scam to unseat a duly elected President. Also arrest Hillary Clinton, Joe and Hunter Biden, and Obama for their crimes.

  11. 11


    Schiff is such a duche bag. He has the most shifty bugged out eyes. Just by looking at him gives me an ugly feeling. You know he is a liar and a corrupt pos. He shows his deception right on camera. The democraps are a bunch of ass_____. Trump 2020. God bless Trump and America.

  12. 12


    It’s beyond understanding how a supposed leader holding such power to do good can do the opposite and misuse his authority to refuse due process in this shameful impeachment attempt. It is very evident that it is just another sham in the democrats ongoing effort to unseat a duly elected POTUS simply because they didn’t win.

  13. 13

    Sharon Burcham, EdD

    This is so sad and infuriating. Our duly elected President is doing a great job and has the right to ask about how our tax dollars are being spent in other countries. There is no impeachable offense! But there are un-American actions against our President by the opposition party.

  14. 14

    Sharon Burcham, EdD

    This is so sad and infuriating. Our duly elected President is doing a great job and has the right to determine and question about how our tax dollars are being spent in other countries. There is no impeachable offense! But there are un-American actions against our President by the opposition party.

  15. 15


    He shifty shifter is as fake as they come.He can’t even lie with cuecards.Witnesses as bad as Cavanaugh hearing s

  16. 16

    John Strom

    Rep. Adam Schiff is acting like a left wing Nazi. When did President Trump give up his rights, Schiff? WHY can’t the President face his accuser? Why can’t the Republicans cross examine the witnesses? WHY are all questions being vetted you Adam Schiff before they can be asked and WHY does Adam Schiff decide who can and who cannot testify? The Democrats are leftist Nazis.

  17. 17


    that man Schiff is fuck up con artist who is on a power trip he nothing but a punk think he better then other person he don’t know that he think he better an God he will died in his sin and will answer to God real soon

  18. 18


    God Bless America!
    Get down to business and quit the monkey business Democrats!!

  19. 19

    Sylvia Allen

    Why is Schiff still employed? He and Nancy burn our money like it is trash! We can’t afford these alien creatures in any official capacity what-so-ever! I don’t even want to support them in prison!

  20. 20


    Schiff is clearly running a kangaroo court. But don’t worry, when this sham gets to the senate the Republican majority will payback Schiff and call him as a witness. Then he will be uncovered for the liar that he is. We will also find out the truth that he has been in touch with the whistle blower from the start.

  21. 21


    Craig Michael Vandertie: Are you an attorney? How do you interpret the law?

    Robert B: More evidence has and is coming.

    Cg: It is Kavanaugh.

  22. 22


    Someone somewhere needs to Torpedo SHITTY SHIFTY PENCIL NECK SCHIFF’S ASS ! And

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